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Aside from the games itself, it will be thrilling to watch your favorite baseball team at big time venues like the Yankee Stadium. This is home, of course, to the New York Yankees that is among the most popular league around the globe. The stadium can be found at a borough in New York City, at The Bronx. This serves as replacement to the original Yankee Stadium that was built in 1923.

In terms of design, most of the elements that can be found at the new structure stayed true with the old one. This is their way to pay homage to the rich history and background of the Yankees. The façade retains the original look, but the interior contains a much modern ballpark with extensive space and added amenities as well as a playing field that looks so much like how it was on the original ballpark.

Construction Details

The construction began in 2006, but it took quite a time before it was finished because it was enveloped with much controversies. Among the criticisms that this has gotten was about its financier. The residents of New York City did not like the idea that the city used public funds for its construction than focusing on other more important problems and areas of concern in the place. The total cost for the stadium’s construction reached about $1.5 billion, which made it the most costly stadium all over the world.

The architect that handled the construction was from the firm known as Populous. The exterior of the stadium contains 11000 pieces of Indiana limestone, pre-cast concrete and granite. Its interior features hundreds of pictures that capture the rich background of the Yankees. These photos came from the partnership of the New York Daily News and the Yankees. They collaborated for an exhibit that was called The Glory of the Yankees Photo Collection. The Yankees hired Sports & The Arts to come up with about 1300 of the best photographs about the theme that they want to exude, which sources range from Getty Images, the Daily News, Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The seats are constructed like how these looked like on the original stadium. It has a grandstand that reaches over the foul poles and bleacher seats are beyond the outfield fences. The stadium is filled with amenities. If you will compare this with the previous stadium, this has 63 percent more space and is larger by 500,000 square feet. This also has wider concourses with open sight lines. The building is wired with about 227 Ethernet cable that it was this was hailed as the future proof by David Holland, vice president and treasurer of Cisco. There are video monitors in the area, which is over 1100 high-def monitors. This ballpark contains about $10 million of baseball merchandise.

The stadium has a clubhouse that is complete with everything that you expect to find in it. It has a museum and lots of restaurants. There is also a Hard Rock Café within the ballpark.

With so many sights to see at the Yankee Stadium, it will surely be a delight to find cheap tickets to the game to be able to enter this venue.

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