Why Men Leave Their Wives – The Secret Causes and Motives

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Women in this time find it more difficult to keep their marriages happy and stable than their ancestors. Wives are increasingly wondering why men leave their wives and can not find an answer for their questions.

Unfortunately there are factors inside our communities that prevent a regular man and a woman from building a strong long lasting relationship.

I know you are asking why. I would say that the rules of our communities have made it very difficult for both sides to sustain a long term loving relationship. These rules are based on misconception and inaccuracy.

Hollywood movies and media in general planted the thought that men crave only for sex. While the truth says that both of men and women want and need sex. They have equal motives and drives.

The misconception came from the fact that our societies encourage men to fulfill their sexual experiences and preventing women from doing so.

This thing made people modify their own instincts and natures. So we see men trying to cheat on their spouses, crave for sex outside the cage of holy matrimony, because they were convinced it is their nature. And women will use the last weapon in their arsenal, by giving their wives unlimited, unconditional sex because they want to keep their husbands.

After all that confusion and misunderstanding, what do both men and women want from a marriage? I think the answer is simpler than you might think. They both want the same thing: to be loved, respected and desired, and that is the simple truth.

So, to keep your marriage and get your husband love and respect you might want to fulfill all his needs, not only the sexual desires.

But please do not fall into the trap of thinking that you should meet your husband’s needs and desires even if they were contradicting with your desires. Actually doing this will leave you feeling guilt and lower self esteem. This will not help you keep your marriage for the long term.

It is important that your husband’s joy is not taken out from your misery. Do not suppress your needs and desire to satisfy his needs because if you did you will be sad and he will feel sad and bored. Your marriage will not continue.

To sum it up: if you want your marriage to be happy then you need to fulfill your desires and meet your needs from time to time.

Now we know the simple truth why men leave women. I will remind you now and say that a man wants his needs to be met and these needs are not only sexual. There is his need to be respected, loved and desired. If you can not meet his needs he will begin a quest for a woman who can.

write by Briston Blair

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