Why Do Women Wear Thong Panties?

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After reading the responses to my thousands of blog posts and newsletters over the years, the same question continues to be asked several times a year: Why do women wear thong panties?

The answers vary depending upon whether it’s a male’s response or a female’s response, but the bottom line is that women wear thong panties for three reasons:

1. To hide their visible panty lines while wearing tight-fitting clothes

2. To feel sexier when undressing in front of a man

3. Because they’d hate to get caught wearing full coverage briefs or “Granny Panties” while in public [think about the Brigit Jones’s Diary movie].

Naturally, most men will tell you that regardless of how much a woman weighs, or what her body shape looks like, if the woman has a sensuous attitude while wearing thong panties, they’re sexy and erotic. Period!

I remember one particular blog post from a woman who said this about thongs…have any of you women ever gone to a male dance club and seen a muscular hunk of a guy wearing white cotton boxers or Fruit of the Loom undies who looked sexy and wanted you to put a dollar in his big wide elastic waistband? Don’t think so.

The point this woman was trying to make was that sexy is as sexy does. When you feel sexy, you dress sexy; and if you dress sexy, you feel sexy. It doesn’t matter what you look like. What matters is the aura that you project to those around you.

So the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what a woman looks like while she’s wearing a thong. What matters is the image she conveys. A woman doesn’t have to be model-skinny with muscular abs to appeal to the male population while she’s wearing a thong. In fact, many men don’t like skinny and buff women. They prefer women who are confident in their own skin.

Have you ever traveled to Hawaii and watched the native Hula dancers? Believe me, they’re not skinny, but their dance moves mesmerize everyone in the audience.

Most women and men I’ve talked to believe that when a woman wears a thong, she’s a confident, liberated, sexual, sensual, and exciting person. Why? Because that’s the image she projects. So the answer to the question, why do women wear thong panties, is…because they feel sexy!

write by lopez

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