Why Buying a Home In Medellin Is Your Best Option

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Ever dream of perfect weather? Peeking out the window as the sun begins to rise, green lush mountains, birds singing at your window. If you think this can only be lived in a movie, think again, this is what life is like in Medellin, Colombia.

The stigma of Medellin, Colombia is now gone; it is now referred to as the top up and coming city in all of South America, boasting what could possibly be one of the best views not only for birds perched on top of trees but for those lucky enough to own a piece of real estate in this thriving city.

Relocating here is easy, the locals are extremely friendly and have taken a liking for Americans; nowadays you can easily find many Colombians that speak English as Medellin is rapidly becoming a call center hub for companies such as Hewlett Packard and others. What would attract such corporations to come to Medellin? As I have mentioned before, the friendly locals, great weather and an expanding infrastructure of technology and an ever increasing English speaking population.

Relocating to Medellin has been made easier because of the reasons mentioned above, real estate in Colombia is also very affordable to those coming here for business or pleasure. There is an abundance of good real estate waiting to be taken, pristine land near flowing creeks filled with trees that give the city a natural look many other cities around the world lack. In Medellin not only can you find your pick when it comes to beautiful homes and apartments but also a growing list of international restaurants, airlines, stores, etc…

Medellin also boasts some of the best health care services provided in South America, some of the best known plastic surgeons practice their craft in the city, dental work is almost less than half the price people pay for dental work in the USA, facial, heart and other organ transplants are also performed in city hospitals, making it an ideal place for retirees to relocate to.

Medellin also sports some of the best shopping malls of the country, the last and not the least beautiful Santa Fe mall in the Poblado section of the city where you can find such stores as Carrefour, Falabella, Cine Colombia for movie buffs and Divercity for young children.

Medellin is a city for the young and old alike with activities that will keep you busy, the theater, musical events, book fairs, great theme parks such as Parque Explora or Parque Norte. Great natural parks such as The Botanical Gardens and more, make Medellin, Colombia a great place to relocate to first for everything it has to offer and second for the value of its real estate.

write by ROGER CHINN

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