Which Girl Would Naruto End Up With?

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It’s always amazing to see how much people can get riled up over Naruto’s love life. Indeed, Naruto’s love life is the subject of many debates and flame wars in the internet. Either way, we can’t deny the fact that the whole ‘romance’ aspect of the anime makes it more interesting. And, since Naruto’s the main character he has to end up with someone, right?

There are two girls in the series who posses the possibility of ending up with Naruto. Unless, the author Kishimoto throws in a new female character onto the mix.

Haruno Sakura

Sakura is and has always been Naruto’s crush, even from the beginning of the series. Although she is Naruto’s teammate but she wasn’t not necessarily his friend at the beginning of team Kakashi. In fact, Sakura displayed a lot of hostility towards Naruto in the beginning of the series, owing perhaps to Naruto’s reputation as the academy’s ‘deadlast’. However, she warms up to him as the series progresses and starts to care for him as a friend. Sure, if you look at it this way, these two seem like they’re headed for the holy matrimony. Naruto’s the main male character and Sakura’s the main female character and they would probably end up together, right? Wrong. Things aren’t that simple.

Ir’a given fact that Naruto has a crush on Sakura, but Sakura is in love with Sasuke instead; Naruto’s direct rival. He is everything he is not since start. As a genius, Sasuke is also good looking, and powerful without even trying. Sasuke does not blatantly return her affections but there are little clues in the series where you’ll see that these two; Sakura and Sasuke definitely have something together. In fact, Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship is one of the most romantically developed in the anime what with the hug in the forest of death where it is only through Sakura’s hug that Sasuke, possessed by the cursed seal, comes to his senses. There’s also Sasuke’s acknowledgement that Sakura is one of his ‘precious persons’. And then there’s this huge matter of Sakura’s confession of love, true ‘I’ll-sacrifice-everything-for-you’ love. And though Sasuke knocked her out, he does leave her with a thank you which is enigmatic and poignant.

Until now, even with Sasuke’s defection, he is still the biggest hindrance to any possibility of Naruto and Sakura getting together since Sakura obviously still loves Sasuke and there are always these tiny clues that he might love her back. All it takes for them to get together is for Sasuke to finish with his goals and have time to ‘restore his clan’.

And though Sakura is warming up to Naruto, it mostly seems like friendship and not ‘romance’. Sakura loves Naruto but only as a friend it seems like moving forth even at Naruto Shippuden. All of Naruto’s advances seems to fail as Sakura rejected him softly without much emotion.

Hyuuga Hinata

Then there’s Hinata. Hinata is a shy girl who, unlike all the other academy girls, had a crush on Naruto since the very beginning. She never looked down on Naruto although she is way smarter then Naruto. On the contrary, the crush she has on Naruto is so huge that she faints whenever she’s on a close proximity to Naruto.

Unbeknownst to Naruto, she is one of the first people who have ever acknowledged him besides Sasuke. Hinata admires him for his courage, strength, determination, and confidence. These are qualities completely opposite of her that she lacks greatly of. Naruto inspires her to be more than she is and it always pushes Hinata to be a better person

Naruto and Hinata have their moments. The most important one is probably the ‘blood oath’. And all throughout the anime, Kishimoto inserts fluffy Naruhina scenes, especially in Shippuden. In my opinion, all it takes for them to get together is a confession of some sort such as Hinata finally gathering enough courage (which fits well with her theme) to walk up to Naruto and tell him she loves him.

My verdict: Naruto will probably end up with Hinata and Sasuke will end up with Sakura.

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