Where to Find the Best Halloween Night Theme Party

Looking for an excuse to party? Halloween night presents one of the best opportunities for creative party planning. You may choose a generic “Halloween” theme or you may opt for a more specific theme from a horror movie, such as a pirate theme, a zombie theme or a Renaissance vampire theme. Once you’ve got a basic idea, the Halloween decorations, music, food and games will all fall into place. Oh, and don’t forget to align your music selection and costume design with your theme as well!

Comedian (“Strangers with Candy”) and Entertainer Extraordinaire, Amy Sedaris, recommends hosting a Halloween Night Movie Party. “The fun of the party to me is the movie I’m featuring,” says Sedaris, who personally recommends classics like Dracula and Frankenstein, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, The Trilogy of Terror, The Bad Seed, and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Of course, there are countless movies from which to choose. To create the in-home theater, she moves the TV to the center of the room and arranges cushy beanbag chairs and furniture around it so everyone can see.

Then she places food trays around the room in accessible spots. She serves meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn because “you don’t have to see it to eat it” and she also highly recommends pumpkin pie dessert and pumpkin seed snacks. She likes to start the Halloween fun with a pumpkin carving activity too.

Drinks can include a Bloody Mary, a Berry Rum Punch, Sangria or a witch’s brew. Sedaris also recommends sending out invitations that look like a movie ticket or film reel, draping red velvet around the room, playing elevator muzak, setting up 25-cent concessions booths and throwing a few of the more traditional Halloween decorations around. “Entertaining alone is one of the most creative and rewarding experiences I can think of,” she concludes.

Perhaps you’d like to plan a formal Halloween Night Dinner Party. This is a great idea and works well if you’d like to make it a themed event. For instance, you could request that everyone dress up as pirates or in turn-of-the-century vampire/Renaissance costumes. For the best results, do a little research ahead of time and find adult costume sites to direct your guests to visit. HGTV has some good “eerily elegant” Halloween decorations recommendations for you at “Hgtv” and “Epicurious” offers a full selection of Halloween recipes for you to choose from. Your food should be planned out, from the appetizers and drinks to a main course and desserts, served up in themed kitchenware for the most memorable dinner.

Still wondering where to look for Halloween Night inspiration? HGTV has a great “eerily elegant” party planner on their site, located at “Hgtv”, which gives you advice on stylish Halloween decorations and menus ranging from “dreadfully decadent desserts” to ghoulish grill outs.” The website, “Epicurious”, is noted for their comprehensive holiday planning menus as well.

For more Halloween decorations, check out “Fright Catalog” or “Old Fashion Halloween” for more ideas. If you’re stumped on costume design, then consider “Costumzee”, “Buycostumes” or “Halloween-Mask” for creative ideas. As with anything, becoming a master party planner takes time. It might be easiest to begin with a desserts or movie party this year and gradually add new elements as the years go by.

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