What Exactly does a Comforter Cover Do?

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A duvet cover, also known as a comforter cover, is highly recommended to protect your comforter investment. With the rising cost of materials, a comforter damaged by improper care would be expensive to replace. A good comforter is an investment that should last 5 to 10 years, if proper care is taken to treat it right. A Silk duvet is soft, warm and unbelievably luxurious. If you hate feeling weighed down by piles of blankets, it is time you lightened things up and tucked yourself in under a silk duvet comforter cover.Another great thing about Duvet covers is that they quickly slip over your comforter, creating a whole new decorator look in just minutes. Duvet Covers as also good at protecting your favorite comforter from dust mites and other allergens too. Lets take a quick look at various comforter covers and what materials they are made from

Cotton — Using organic cotton comforter covers will ensure your body is free from the chemical residues found in most conventional cotton bedding products.Everyone knows that you can’t beat cotton bed linen sheets and duvets for quality and a fresh crisp feel. Cotton absorbs moisture well,is breathable and warming and cotton sheets and comforter covers stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wool — These comforter covers are made with naturally sanitized hypoallergenic wool in an all cotton shell that ensures refreshing breathability. Llama and alpaca wool is hollow, making it one of the warmest natural fibers available and becoming very popular in the manufacturing of comforter covers.

Silk — Mulberry silk is heavier than other silks, which gives it superb thermal properties and enables us to make light but warm silk comforter covers. Silk is not only the ultimate in luxury but the material contains amazing qualities not found in traditional comforter covers. For years, these silk duvets have been appreciated exclusively by Chinese and Japanese ruling classes but are now available to the masses. Silk comforters provide excellent insulative properties similar to down, but tend to be less bulky than down comforter covers.

Don’t wait for surface damage or stains to ruin your luxury bedding; protect your fine linens and comforters with an easy-to-use duvet today.

write by Alan Gill

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