Watch John Waters’ 5 Best Films With Satellite TV

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If there is anyone who has changed the world of what’s acceptable in movies, it’s definitely one man from Baltimore. As a director, John Waters has managed to do the unthinkable: he has inspired a truly rabid cult following of art-lovers and outsiders, while managing to create pieces of work that were turned into Broadway musicals and include songs popular at slumber parties. This is not a surprise to anyone who knows the complex tastes and influences of this surprisingly underrated director, but anyone who only knows him as somewhat of a loose cannon might be shocked to find out that he is just as capable of producing family fare as he is of making movies that you won’t find unedited on satellite TV.

However, now that the culture’s taste has shifted and the world is safer for edgy comedy, it makes sense that John Waters films are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in the eye of popular culture. While you’re not likely to see “Pink Flamingos” showing on TCM anytime soon, it’s not unheard of to spot Waters making appearances everywhere from Bill Maher’s program to hosting on IFC or Court TV. A diverse and interesting public figure, Waters only gets funnier and more astute as he ages, making his films a true treat to revisit.

If you’re armed with only an HDTV and a remote control, here are five of his best films, which you will likely find airing somewhere on television at some point in the day. Get with it before they turn something else into a musical, which is bound to happen now that “Hairspray” and “Crybaby” are both on Broadway.

#5 Cecil B. Demented – Stephen Dorff and that dreamy guy who is the lead actor on “Entourage” both star in this film, which focuses on true film lovers who decide that it makes sense to kidnap a famous actress, who they expect to act in on of their cinema veritae pieces. Edgy before its time, and often found in edited version on Comedy Central.

#4 Hairspray – For most people, this will be the number one John Waters film, but that’s simply not fair to him. The original version, where you have Divine instead of John Waters in drag and a zaftig Ricky Lake just trying to fight for race equality, is one of the best films out there that’s a period piece of Americana, but the fact that everyone is always raving about this–coupled with the fact that it’s sometimes the only film on satellite tv–means on this list, it’s bumped down.

#3 Crybaby – Johnny Depp at his most adorable–singing and playing guitar, too–and a whole bunch of other greasers makes this incredible piece worth watching again and again. Quirky, camp, but essentially American. An excellent feel-good movie.

#2 Pecker – Perhaps the sweetest John Waters film made, this one stars former child star Edward Furlong as a curious photographer who somehow manages to make it big in the art world when all he wanted to do was take simple photos in Baltimore. A definite incredible send-up of the art world that would do Andy Warhol proud.

#1 Serial Mom – It’s camp, it’s amazing, it’s astute, and it’s cultural commentary. “Serial Mom” delivers again and again, and netting one of the biggest actresses of the past half-century was no small feat for Waters, who is known for getting big talent to decide to do his films (just see “Polyester” with Tab Hunter). An excellent use of an HDTV.

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