Using the Right Picnic Equipment

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Planning a  picnic is no different than other out door activities such as golf, fishing or baseball.  You want the right supplies and best equipment possible to better enjoy your outing. Picnic equipment is not complicated, it is just a matter of choosing what is most appropriate for your activity.

Just as you would not take golf clubs to play softball, you would not take a picnic basket if you are going mountain biking.  A better choice would be a lightweight, insulated picnic backpack to keep you beverages and food cool. Some backpacks have room for extra clothing or personal items and an inside zipped pocket for your wallet and keys.

If you are going to spend the day at the beach, the best choice would be a beach tote that is totally insulated to keep your beverages and food cool.  It is also good to have a waterproof section for clothing, books and other essential items as well as a secure pocket for your wallet and keys.

There are innovative picnic products on the market for tailgating such as portable grills, sometimes incorporated with a cooler.  Some of these and other picnic totes and coolers come with wheels for easy transport. Nothing will replace a classic picnic basket for a romantic outing, or a traditional get together with family or friends.  However, tradition has been updated.

Today, there are traditional styled picnic baskets that have the added safety feature of insulated sections for food.  Some baskets also incorporate insulated wine or beverage holders.

A picnic basket, or backpack and tote for that matter, is considered full service if it  includes beverage glasses, eating utensils and plates. It is convenient and cuts down on waste by not having to pack plastic cups, eating utensils and paper plates every time you go out.  Other items that may be included are a picnic blanket or tablecloth, napkins, cheese boards with cheese service utensils to cut and serve cheese.  If it has wine service a corkscrew and bottle stopper would be included.

Some baskets, backpacks and totes are especially designed for wine and cheese picnics.  They should have an insulted section for both food and beverage.  Also included is a cheese board, several cheese tools, wine service and wine glasses.  The food area generally is not as large as a picnic basket because it is expected the food will be simple, mainly finger foods.  

Some traditional picnic baskets styles include  two lidded baskets, the truly classic English Picnic Baskets, Picnic Cases such as the one used in the movie, Rebecca, and barrel style basket. They will usually be made from wicker, rattan and canvas.

While the style looks like the classic basket today the models are better made, far sturdier and, as mentioned earlier, insulated. Like golf, fishing or any activity, there is an initial investment when purchasing a picnic basket, tote, or backpack.  The upside is, when properly cared for, they will last for a lifetime with no extra purchases necessary.

Picnics have been around for thousands of years and will never go out of style.  What style picnic equipment you choose depends upon your activity.  From a quiet wine and cheese picnic in a secluded spot, to hiking, fishing, biking or tailgating, there is picnic equipment and supplies that best suit you and your activity. 

write by Leon

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