Turkey’s First Legally Produced Pornographic Movie ‘A Woman Like That’ Summary of the Plot

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Initially, the movie-plot of Öyle Bir Kadin Ki (A Woman Like That), the first pornographic film with an all-Turkish film cast and crew, idly follows the amorous real-seks antics of 6 yerli tourists (2 mixed couples and 2 single girls, on a 4 day holiday) and 2 local men — during the long hot summer of 1979 along the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

But, when Metin (acted by Yildirim Sahin, the main male supporting-actor) begins to covet the dissatisfied wife Hayat (played by the vivacious Zerrin Dogan) of the leading man (handsome Levent Gürsel as Ali, a rich construction-magnate), the movie’s storyline turns distinctly more serious and sinister. And, when Metin dispatches one of the single girls (who has overheard Metin/Hayat plotting to kill Ali for his money) to her death off a high Hotel balcony, things get downright tense.

For one thing, the dissatisfied Hayat starts to get cold feet — and that unsettles Metin to the point of paranoia. Worried by the thought that the other single girl might bring suspicion on him, Metin murders her too. And with the police investigation closing in, Metin tries for a murdering ‘hat trick’ by also wasting Ali, off another high Hotel balcony. But, in a struggle between the two men, Metin looses his balance and plunges to his own death!

In the denouement, Hayat (whose guilt as ‘accomplice to murder’ escapes everyone’s attention… because there’s no one left alive who could implicate her) and husband Levent appear to be reconciled — and they take to the road jauntily on foot to find their way back home. Metin’s sultry faithful wife Nur (played by Zafir Seba) is dumbfounded by the rapid turn of events — and wanders off alone, in the opposite road-direction, in a state of bewildered confusion. And that’s “The End”…

Of course, if you’re only interested in the amorous real-seks, then there’s plenty of ‘it’ in the movie’s early going… We counted 3 times between Zerrin Dogan (Hayat) and Levent Gürsel (her husband Ali, the construction magnate) and 2 times between Zafir Seba (sultry wife, Nur) and Yildirim Sahin (her murdering husband, Metin). Then there’s the lesbian real-seks scene between single-girls Perizat (as Perihan) and Harika Öncü — plus the hetero-real-seks scene between Recep Filiz (as Ergun) and Perizat, and between Harika Öncü and Cem Eser. Makes a total of 8 erotik real-seks film-scenes among the 8 players — occupying 15% of a 54 minute ‘murder mystery’ movie!

write by Artemis

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