Treasure Hunt Riddles – Scavenger Hunts For Your Next Party

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We wanted to throw our son a scavenger hunt party for his birthday, but had trouble coming up with treasure hunt riddles that were fun and exciting. Then I did some research and came up with some neat ideas.

Our son was so excited that we were planning a scavenger hunt party for his birthday, and when we had come up with a theme for the event, we really had trouble coming up with some treasure hunt riddles that went along with the theme of the party. The theme by the way was based on the Narnia movies.

So after racking our brains for a couple of days, we still did not have any really good ideas for the treasure hunt riddles that we could use for the objects that we were going to hide. The scavenger hunt riddles that we did come up with seemed pretty lame for our eight year old, so as the party grew near, we started to panic. How could we throw his party with such a lame plan.

We made up some invitations that were decent with a picture of the lion from the Narnia books on it and used some clip art for the inside of the invitation. They were not the greatest but everyone seemed to think that they were alright. Our son thought that they were a little childish, but we thought that we had done a pretty good job of trying to make our own invitations. Needless to say that our older daughter found them to be embarrassing. “I am not going to send out those type of treasure hunt invitations if you throw a party like that for me.” she said.

So, in the meantime, I went ahead and drew up several maps and showed them to our son. He just laughed and said that they were not going to be that fun and his friends would be able to find all of the objects without any problem. I tried to tie the treasure hunt riddles in with the maps, but it did not make any sense to me, so how was it going to make any sense to an eight year old. My wife tried and came up with some pretty neat clues that I thought would make our son happy. But after reading over them, he said that they were neat but that they were too easy to figure out, and they did not go with any of the maps that we had drawn out.

Anyway, the time for the party was at hand and we had no choice but to go with it. Everyone seemed to like the theme that we had picked out and the kids had a good time, but it was not the great party that we thought that it could have been. Then out of nowhere, one of the parents came over to us and said how she had thrown a scavenger hunt party for her son and found a program that helped her to design and layout the activity and that it was really fun and easy to do. We took a look at the program and have since used it for our daughters party and it was a real blast to create and to set up.

We are now looking at running some more of these types of parties for our friends because they loved our daughters party so much. Coming up with treasure hunt riddles is not a problem anymore, and we are sure that our son will want a scavenger hunt again for his next party.

write by Acacia

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