Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Ideas

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One of the best reviewed and biggest movies of 2010 is Toy Story 3. This movie, which continues the adventures of Woody and Buzz, is making a lot of money and getting a lot of exposure due to its extremely good story. Kids for the past 15 years have been in love with the characters from Toy Story, and with the new movie that is not about to change. As a parent, you’ll want to be prepared for Toy Story 3-themed birthday parties. With these party ideas, you can make a great birthday for your kids.

Fishing for Toys

The first thing you can do is have all the toys in a bin behind a sheet. Then, with one adult sitting down next to the bin and another directing the children, each child can put their fishing rod over the sheet and try and catch some toys. One parent will attach a toy to the line and tug on it and the child can reel in the toy to see what they got.

Cowboy Hats and Wings

Depending on who the kids like best, you can have the kids either decorate plastic cowboy hats, or decorate cardboard wings. If they want to be Woody, then the cowboy hats will be what they want, while the Buzz fans will go for the wings. Both are attached with simple string to the kids and they are something the kids can wear all day.

Make Cowboys

With some construction paper, small circular metal joints from the dollar store and a few crayons, you can help the kids make their own paper cowboys. These are really simple to make, with each metal circular joint serving as a joint on the cowboy. Most dollar stores have the punch gun to attach the circular joints to the paper, and the kids will have a lot of fun making their own cowboys.

Toy Story 3 is big movie in 2010 and there are millions of kids who are falling in love with Buzz and the gang just like their own parents did 15 years ago. Naturally, this means you may need to start planning a Toy Story 3-themed birthday party but with these ideas, things won’t be too difficult.

write by Isolde

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