Top Love Stories From The Movies

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While there are many from which to choose, nothing has created interest in love stories better than Hollywood. The movies may use original scripts, those from history or a classic tale to draw attention to stories of romance. While others may disagree, here are a few that make the top list.

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked bringing the US into WWII. In November 1942, the Allies invaded North Africa to capture Casablanca. The show was initially released the same month in New York City but general release was not until 1943. The show starring Humphrey Bogart along with Ingrid Bergman is probably the most quoted of all love stories. While the war ended years ago, the classic approach to love is still enjoyed.

Titanic, released in 1997 tells the love story of Jack and Rose. The setting for this love story is a sinking luxury liner. It stared Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It reminds viewers that hearts go on forever.

Brokeback Mountain released in 2005 features a couple who are forced to hide their love and desires. The affair between two cowboys is a classic story of forbidden love. Stars included Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.

Often shown at Christmas time, It’s a Wonderful Life staring James Stewart and Donna Reed tells the love story George Bailey and his wife Mary. From George’s high school graduation, the death of his father and his rise to lead the savings and loan, George and Mary have a wonderful life; however, George in his depression thinks that he has made no difference in the world.

Notorious, a Carry Grant film from 1946 also stars Ingrid Bergman, the daughter of a Nazi spy. This film features a very long kiss. It was the work of Alfred Hitchcock, so viewers can expect a thriller.

Summertime from 1955 starred Katharing Hepburn as Jane and Rossano Brazzi as Renato. Kate is an aging lonely heart who is presented with a final chance at love. The story is set in Venice and an excellent watch for anyone wanting romance.

Of course the greatest spinner of a love story was William Shakespeare himself. While many have attempted to adapt his stage works to the big screen, a Romeo and Juliet new movie can bring this classic story of forbidden love back to theaters. Whether this story is told with actors in the classic Shakespearian garb using King James English or with modern costumes and American English, it is a story that all can enjoy.

write by Cuthbert

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