Top 5 Terrifically Terrifying Halloween Party Themes!

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Halloween doesn’t have to be all scares and no style. If you send Halloween party invitations early enough for guests to prepare, you can plan a spectacularly spooky soirée without recycling clichéd costumes and tired themes.

Send Halloween party invitations for a “TV Fright Night” themed party. Decorate different rooms with ideas from terrifying television shows-a strobe light and swirling decorations for a “Twilight Zone” room, caution tape and a masking tape body outline for a crime show room, or cardboard coffins, crosses and garlic for a vampire slayer room. Then, use your Halloween party invitations to let guests know to dress up like their favorite TV stars!

Another great idea is to host a “Monster Mash Bash,” with Halloween party invitations explaining that guests should wear costumes like their favorite monsters-Frankenstein, King Kong, Pokémon, mothers-in-law-and include in the Halloween invitations that you’ll feature monster munchies like lady fingers, mud pie and gooey gummy worms.

For family festivities, send Halloween party invitations for a “Mummy & Daddy Party.” Set the tone with an eerie Egyptian tomb theme, then supply rolls of inexpensive toilet paper for parents to turn their little ones into mummies-or vice versa.

You can also add a fun twist to your party with a “Freaky Friday” theme. Indicate on your Halloween invitations that guests should dress up like someone else attending the party, whether it’s a date, a close friend who is also attending, or you-Halloween’s happening host!

Finally, a fabulous way to celebrate is with a “Hollywood Horror” party. Find a chic Halloween party invitation that’s red carpet ready, and then decorate the house with movie posters, martini glasses, a Hollywood Hills sign-anything that reminds you of Los Angeles and movie making. Be sure to indicate on the Halloween invitation that everyone should dress up like celebrities, too, then snap a surprise paparazzi picture of each guest right when you open the door!

With a little creativity, unique decorations and the right Halloween party invitations, this year’s festivities can be your best Halloween bash yet!

write by Piper

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