Three of the Best Quentin Tarantino Movies of All Time

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Quentin Tarantino is an American film director and screenwriter who is most known for his nonlinear storylines and aestheticization of violence. He often times uses cultural and popular themes and segments his films by chapters. His influence and style of film making is unlike any other director in the industry today. At age 46, he’s still producing award winning work. Here is a list of three of his greatest films ever.

Pulp Fiction, 1994: This movie is an American crime film that is known for its rich, eclectic dialogue, its ironic mix of humor and violence, and Tarantino’s stylized storyline which was presented in a nonlinear manner. Each of seven sequences were ordered chronologically and often times overlapped using different points of view. It is described as a circular narrative. This movie stars John Travolta, Samual L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, and Christopher Walken among many. It hosts a number of cinematic allusions and lots of pop culture references. This film won countless awards including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. James Wood from The Guardian notes this about the film: “Only in this age could a writer as talented as Tarantino produce artworks so vacuous, so entirely stripped of any politics, metaphysics, or moral interest.” With that said it id one of the most controversial yet inspiring films of our time.

Kill Bill Part I and II, 2003, 2004: Released as two separate “volumes,” this four hour long epic film is one of Tarantino’s most celebrated films. Starring Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, and the “Crazy 88,” this movie is a revenge drama that pays homage to earlier film genres such as Hong Kong martial arts films, exploitation films, Japanese Chanbara, and Italian spaghetti westerns. Filming took place in California, Texas, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Mexico and it the move heavily uses aestheticization of violence. The Kill Bill epic film is a nonlinear narrative which is common for Tarantino however unlike the film, its synopsis is presented chronologically. Uma Thurman won many awards for her lead role and the films were very popular at the MTV Movie Awards in 2004 and 2005 nominated for best movie, best fight, and best acting and directing roles to name a few.

Inglourious Basterds, 2009: Tarantino actually considers the script for this movie his masterpiece. Starring Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, and Melanie Laurent, this is the director’s highest grossing film yet. The film was released in August of 2009 by Universal Pictures and The Weinstein Company. The film is set in German-occupied France and tells the story of two plots to assassinate Nazi political rule during the time of World War II. One story follows a Jewish cinema proprietress who wants revenge and the other is a team of American soldiers who call themselves the “Basterds” and seek justice. This carefully put together film has been nominated for four categories in the 67th Gold Globe Awards which include the Best Director for Tarantino and Best Picture- Drama overall.

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