The Viper Vengeance Pool Cue Hits Pay Dirt

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The Viper Vengeance custom pool cue is one sharp looking cue that will be the battle axe that you depend on to perform for you every time it’s needed to. For just over $80.00 this quality cue is a bargain that you will want in your collection to aid in the ascent of your capabilities. This is just an amazing price for a cue of this superior quality and unique graphics. The dark look will catch the eye of both friend or foe because the colorful decal graphics on this dark background are stunning. The Viper Vengeance is a very durable cue that hits with unsurpassed accuracy and will assist both the beginner or expert.

The Viper Vengeance custom pool cue is features a 13 mm LePro leather tip and a joint of polished stainless steel. The shaft on this cue is 13 mm of the finest maple as is the forearm. The butt sleeve continues to be made of the same quality maple, while the butt cap is made of stainless steel. The attention paid to the construction of this cue is what makes it such a value and the dependability of it will only advance the pleasure you derive from playing the game or hammering an opponent. The rings on the Vengeance are stainless steel and the bumper consists of a built-in removable scuffer. The wrap on this custom pool cue is felt with raised silicon grip that will surely help comfort the impact you feel when you blast that cue ball and make the shot with the outstanding accuracy you knew you could. The same lengthy construction process is used on the Vengeance to remove the moisture as is used on the other Viking custom pool cues. Then the cue gets 9 coats of varnish for a fine finish that will keep the cue in great playing condition.

The Vengeance comes with the professional adjustable weight system that allows you to find the weight most comfortable to you on any given day. Sometimes you may feel like shooting with a little heavier cue or feel less weight will improve your accuracy and ability to hit powerfully. This cue will impact your game and bring you years of enjoyment and pleasure. If you would like to see this and other pool cues come to where we also have darts, dart boards and dart board cabinets.

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