The Training

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Preparation is the Mother of skill. Understanding is the Father of skill. We all love to win, but who loves to train? With all of the variations of those quotes I have used over the years so many times, and in so many ways. I still act and genuinely feel that my own advice is fresh meat I am biting on as if it is new meat freshly killed for survival. Indeed, I am like a rabid wolf chomping on reality when it comes to what counts. I named this article the training because reality is mostly preparation, and the actual action compared to that training is not too much compared to the training it takes to take the genuinely winning actions.

I remember the “Rocky” movies (yes, the “Rocky” movies with Sylvester Stallone), every last one of them including the “Creed” movies so far. Most of the movies as you would astutely notice are not about the fight, most of those movies are about the preparation, training and drama, actually very little winning when you really and realistically think about them. So, that brings me to a point: Reality that is won and successful depends mostly on your preparation to handle it. Think about a singer like Susan Boyle, as a better example than the “Rocky” movie example: She was at least thirty years of preparation, singing in her bathroom mirror and in small halls and training, and a few moments on a big show of winning. That is my point, miracles happen, I believe in them and everything, but they take preparation to be valid and working in a genuine sense that is lasting, or the miracle is just genuine “flash in the pan” luck without that substance to make it last if the miracle successfully happens.

Indeed, we must evolve, grow and prepare to make a miracle work for us genuinely and permanently. The genuine failure in life is to depend on luck and miracles from the beginning without preparation or understanding of what is happening. To appreciate and understand anything fully without doubts or fears, we must train. As Yoda essentially said in “Star Wars, Episode Five: The Empire Strikes Back”: There is not try, only do. In the sense I am writing about, that is reality. The person who depends on luck and miracles without preparation essentially tries even if they do succeed, and does not do and just depends on a lucky break or a “miracle” prayer to succeed without consciousness or conscience. The prepared person always does, especially when they genuinely succeed, and if they fail, it is a slip and not a fall, only to succeed later through a better of consciousness and conscience of what needs and wants to be done. So, essentially, to really win without doubt and repeatable results, we must genuinely train and desire, or winning means nothing but a “flash in the pan” like the lucky single three-point shot in a basketball game from mid-court that is not easily repeatable because it is a “buzzer miracle”. In this sense, there is not try, only do, also. Reality is training, and our genuine actions and results in it are the championship game, always.

write by Matthew

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