The Top 5 Disney Princess Movies

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Trying to decide what the best all time Disney movie is not an easy task to do, but trying to determine what the top five Disney princess movies are is even harder. One of the best things about the Disney princess movies are how much they have influenced kids of all ages. Little girls enjoy princess dress up clothes even more so because of the Disney princesses. Putting on that Cinderella costume or even a Snow White dress allows them to dream that someday they will find a prince.

Princess dress up clothes even encourages socialization in kids because of the role-playing involved. Sure, any girl that puts on a Cinderella costume or a Snow White dress is going to think they are Cinderella or Snow White. However, the princess dress up clothes also encourage boys to role-play because they can be the prince that rescues Cinderella or Snow White from an evil stepmother. However, in order to learn how to play the role of Cinderella, Snow White or any of the other princesses the children have to watch the top Disney Princess movies.

First, Cinderella is one of the best Disney Princess movies out there; almost every child imagines twirling around a ballroom dressed just like Cinderella. The movie is one of the classics, but is still enjoyed by many today. A Cinderella costume is easy to find in most retailers because of how popular Cinderella is as a princess.

Second, Snow White is another classic fairy tale that has been told by Disney. However, the ending in the Disney version is far different from the original fairy tale much more suiting for a princess story. However, it is the Disney Snow white dress that is used when creating a Snow White Costume because of ho popular the Disney version is compared to the original.

Third, Little Mermaid is not the newest Disney princess, but she is not a classic either. However, her movie The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular Disney movies. The movie has won many awards, but stands out because of how much character Ariel has, especially when compared to the other princesses. Like the other princess movies it is good versus evil in the end, and of course good wins over evil.

Fourth, Aladdin is another popular Disney princess movie, even though the focus is not on the princess. Aladdin is the main character of the movie and he wins over Princess Jasmine by pretending he is a prince when he is really a pauper. The Genie makes the movie even better than imaginable, which is what causes everyone to remember it. Jasmine costumes are a hit with adults for Halloween.

Fifth, The Princess and the Frog is the newest Disney princess movie and is already quite popular. Many people enjoy the movie because it features the first African American Disney princesses, but the story line is also great. The story takes place in New Orleans and features some great jazz music. While Tiana’s costumes have not caught on yet, it is only a matter of time.

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