The Secret To Going Down On A Woman – How To Get Her Begging For More!

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Performing oral sex on a woman is something that every woman loves, but for many men it’s an unknown art. We see the sex crazed studs in porn movies going hell for leather down there on their porn co-star and assume that’s how it’s done. But the art of making a woman come performing cunnilingus is something that needs to be learnt. And the picture painted in these sex films is definitely not how it should be done. There needs to be an overture to the main event. You need to build up to the final climax correctly in order to have your partner begging for more.

When going down on a woman there are many techniques to use but an important part is the relationship you build up with her first. It’s not just simply getting drunk and rolling into bed and having sex. Sure that’s great fun but after a while the novelty will wear off and a girl will want more from you. You need to think about warming her up to what will be happening later. Treat her like she is someone special and make her feel needed. Plan a complete evening from start to finish and she will think you are the perfect lover.

Before going down on my wife I found that a great way to begin romantic foreplay can be going out together to a nice restaurant. Enjoying each others company can really set the mood and create a feeling of anticipation within her. Saying nice things to her can make her feel special. These need to be sincere compliments and draw her closer to you. Don’t just have in the back of your mind that you are going to have sex later on and think about how to make her come with oral sex. Take it steady and enjoy the build up. Remember that when you get back home sex will be on both of your minds and this kind of pre build can really set things up for a great oral sex session.

Getting her in the mood to become more receptive to having oral sex, can be something as simple as a massage. The act of running your fingers over her skin can set sensations throughout her body and get her tingling with anticipation. Even better would be a foot massage and you would be surprised how much you lady appreciates this kind of attention.

What has all of this got to do with going down on a girl? It’s all about setting the scene and letting her know that you think she is someone special. These simple ways of showing your affection towards her can mean the difference between her being totally relaxed and receptive to your oral sex on her and having a mind blowing female orgasm – or not!

write by Charles

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