The Romance of Sitting Outdoors

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Each of the seasons have something romantic about them, spring with the flowers, summer on the beach, winter with the snow dropping, and fall with the beautiful leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. To me fall is one of the most romantic seasons of all and my personal favorite, this is the time of year I enjoy outdoors the most, sitting outside dressed cozy, a glass of wine, looking at all the brilliant colored leaves, wind blowing, watching the sunset.

I am very close with my family and this is the time of year all my of cousins get together a few nights a month at my house, we call them our, ‘fall wine evenings’. We cook together, put the kids to bed and spend the entire night outside on my porch. Sitting on the wooden porch swing and chairs eating our delicious late night dinner, adding a few bottles of wine, we sit out there laughing for hours. Thank God my husband loves my family, he puts up with them here often!

Another thing I find so romantic about the outdoors in the fall is what I call ‘home date night’, when you have kids it can be hard to get out often, so why not use what you have? My husband and myself have found the way to do just that, with the cool crisp fall nights we light the fire pit, pull our wooden chairs really close grab a bottle of wine and a big blanket and relax. I don’t think there are many more romantic things then cuddling outside near a fire under a blanket with a glass of wine and the one you love most, well, maybe a box of chocolates couldn’t hurt!

If you want to add a romantic feel to your outdoor living set there are a few simple inexpensive ways to do just that. Why not try adding a few outdoor throw pillows to your chairs, benches and swings, this is the perfect season for those dark burnt colors, try burnt orange or deep maroon, even plum purple or midnight blue. These dark rich colors give an automatic romantic and warm feel to any living space indoors or out. You can also add outdoor candles and wind chimes, the sound of the wind chimes blowing in the wind, and the flicker of the candles, this is really bringing your inside romance outside.

Maybe you prefer the old rustic white romance with lots of flowers, if this is the case, choose flowers that bloom throughout most of the year. Flowers such as, pansies, primroses, cyclamens, geraniums, and dianthus are some great choices that can last outside even through chilly temperatures of 30 degrees. All of these beautiful flowers bloom in vibrant colors such as reds, whites, pinks, purples and even blues, they also smell wonderful. Keeping these flowers around, either in vases or in the ground can add a beautiful Victorian romantic feel. And if you live in an area where weather never gets too bad maybe add a year round canopy over your outdoor living area, putting all wooden furniture and flower pots underneath, with a table and candles. You will have your own romantic year-round living room. See how easy it can be to add romance to your outdoors, what are you waiting for, pillows and candles are waiting to be purchased!

write by Christabel

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