The Perfect Place for a Picnic – Where Is That Place?

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We prepare the food; get the drinks, chips, dessert. We place everything in the picnic basket. After all the planning, preparing the food. We jump into the car and go where?

• Do we take the family to the park?

• We drive to the mountains to the cabin in the woods.

• How about the quiet spot on the river bank?

• Take a trip in the boat and find a spot on the lake.

All of these very nice places to go for that perfect picnic. Do we search and plan so that everything and everybody is happy? Does it take you hours or even days to plan? I will paint the picture here; if you are a mother you will be the one planning correct? Why, we ask?: Moms don’t forget anything! Dad only likes mustard no mayo. Let’s name the son John. John only likes plain potato chips. Let’s not forget about Jane the daughter who only cares if one or two of her friends can come, and her phone. Then when we arrive at out perfect picnic location, we realize we did not bring the dessert or a game that everyone could play and wants to play. Let the fun begin, right?

We are all so busy with our day to day lives do we forget the little things? We want to plan a getaway where everything will be just so… All of the places we go to getaway are great places. Sometimes, we don’t need to go far from home at all; we can enjoy our perfect picnic in our own yard. Image this, mom makes the sandwiches, takes chips from the cupboard, takes out the left over pie from last night s dinner, grabs some paper plates and napkins, throws it all in the picnic basket. She then calls everyone together, they get their drinks from the fridge, take the blanket and out the back door they go for their perfect picnic.

Once we had eaten, we decided to play family games in the backyard. We played flag football, tag, and played on the tire swing. We enjoyed the quality time with our family. At this point, our neighbors had walked over to join in on the fun. The kids have called there friends. We have real competition now let the games began. I would say like many other have said. Why do we need to travel so far to find that place that is so… We found our own perfect place, our own backyard.

write by Kenelm

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