The Magnificent Dubai

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After knowing that the oil reserves will not last for very long, the sensible government of Dubai has diverted their attention to other sectors. The real estate and tourism had been the two major centre of their attention. That vision resulted in today’s Dubai, which without any doubt is rated among the top tourist’s destination not only in the Middle East but in the entire World.

Apart from the world’s finest hotels in Dubai, one can witness some gigantic shopping malls, lots of fun filled festivals, white sandy beaches, theme parks, safaris, number of beautiful cinemas, theatres and much more in this amazing city. Not to forget that the recently inaugurated Burj Khalifa is currently the highest men made building in the whole world.

Dubai is also a regular venue for different and major sports events like Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Soccer, Motor Race, Polo and etc. All the top sport’s stars starting from Andre Agassi to Tiger Wood have been appeared in these events. Recently the ICC – International Cricket Council has moved his head office to Dubai Sports City from London. Moreover, Dubai is also renowned for hosting some important events that gathers prominent dignitaries, politicians and celebrities from all over the world in this city.

The observation desk at the top of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, Mall of the Emirates, the water park and aquarium in Atlantis hotel, Dubai museum, the men made islands, Jumeirah beach and park, Burj Al Arab hotel – the only 7 stars hotel in the world, desert safari, Wild Wadi amusement park, Dubai fountains, Dubai film festival and Dubai shopping festival are some of the major and must visit places and events in Dubai.

This city is known as a shopping paradise and most of the luxury hotels in Dubai are built alongside beautiful shopping malls that provide a broad range of choices to the tourists. These malls are equipped with the outlets of world’s top brands, the food courts that offer a wide array of local and continental dishes, the cinemas which showcases latest movies from Hollywood and other popular regions and also the gaming and play areas for the kids of all age groups.

All the world’s famous food chains are operating here, so it does not matter if someone preferred Mexican, Chinese, Indian, or else. He will definitely get his type of food in Dubai. In addition to that activities like horse riding, watching camel race, snorkelling, surfing, swimming or to play golf in lush green golf course are really economical and easy to discover in this magnificent city.

Dubai is waiting for the tourists with open arms, so do not hesitate and reserve the seats for a flight to Dubai with your family this summer.

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