The Lifestyle of Napa County is Relaxed and Sophisticated

The residents of Napa County enjoy both a refined and relaxed lifestyle in one of the most beautiful valleys in California. The towns are small, and residential homes are mixed in with larger properties like farms and vineyards. Homes are generally built to be environmentally friendly and all locals support conservation and recycling efforts. Most people shop in the downtown areas where they get most of what they need at local groceries, specialty stores, and shops. The calendar of events is full throughout the year and includes festivals, fundraisers, and concerts. Families and many single professionals earn a higher income than the national average. There is also a population of retirees as well as seasonal residents.

The exclusive qualities of the Napa Valley allow for the lifestyle in Napa County to be above average. Leisure activities are abundant and enriching. Festivals are frequent, well-attended, and covered by international press. This includes prestigious events like the annual Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival, Annual Friends of the Napa River Festival, Napa Valley Mustard Festival, and the Sonoma County Tomato Festival. The fully restored Lincoln Theater brings internationally acclaimed entertainment to the valley and the historic Napa Valley Opera House presents a full season of musical theater. There are many local art and natural history museums as well as museums that focus on the wineries and agriculture of the area. Because of this, local residents enjoy a rural, yet sophisticated lifestyle.

The cuisine is healthy and much of the food is locally grown. Locally grown foods include fruit, vegetables, olives, honey, mustard, meats, and dairy. Freshly caught seafood is brought in every week from San Fransisco. Of course, the most well-known products of the Napa Valley are the wines, which flow freely at over one hundred and thirty local restaurants. There are also farmer’s markets where tourists and residents alike can buy seasonal produce.

Outdoor activities are abundant and include championship golfing, lake fishing, ballooning, outdoor paintball, hiking, horseback riding and boating. There is even a flying school for individuals who wish to obtain a pilot license for single and multi-engine airplanes. The ground school combines classroom instruction along with computer simulated flying to prepare students for flights at the local Napa Airport.

Shopping is abundant. Of course, there is nearby San Francisco, but Napa County boasts its own unique and high-end shopping outlets. There are many independent bookstores, home design centers, art galleries and clothing boutiques that offer one of a kind merchandise. Along with locally owned restaurants, most of these stores are located on the main streets of walkable downtown areas to offer a completely relaxing shopping experience.

Although tourism is a mainstay in Napa Valley, the residential properties are sectioned off in such a way as to be accessible, yet still allow for privacy. Residents are sophisticated, well-heeled, generally environmentally aware, and appreciative of what life has to offer. Napa County has been home to quite a few notable people, including famous authors, entertainers, and historical figures. Overall, the lifestyle of Napa County is relaxed, healthy, and slow paced.

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