The History of the Teacup Chihuahua

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Before the world even knew of the expression teacup chihuahua, regular chihuahuas have had quite a history of their own. They were first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1904 after being discovered in the Chihuahua state, a mexican region, bordering Texas and New Mexico. This also gave rise to the name of the breed.

As many times happens with history, there are slightly different versions as to the origin of what became the teacup chihuahua. If we comine known facts they are said to come from the ancient Techichi dogs of the Toltec Civilisation near Mexico City. The Azteks conquered the Toltecs and turned these dogs in to sacred icons of the upper class, giving them religious meaning. Todays chihuahuas are smaller in size than were the Techichis, which was also mute.

This dog is then believed to have been crossed with an oriental dog, a hairless breed that gave modern teacup chihuahuas more of the look they have today, smaller and smooth-coated with vocal resources that surpass their size. Where the stories differ is partly as to how this hairless breed came to that part of the world. Some say these early chihuahua ancestors immigrated across the Bering Strait land bridge.

Others claim they were brought by Spanish settlers who had established trade routes with China. In support for this theory is stated that China has well documented practices of cultivating both animals and plants to be smaller in size. In a historic letter found to be written by the famous Christopher Columbus is said that he found a small dog on the island of Cuba that was mute. This adds to the speculation of the orgins of the chihuahua.

There are different forms of support for the above theories, ranging from DNA to painted ancient artwork, though the the teacup chihuahua history might remain somewhat of a mystery, especially as to how they ended up where they were first discovered as a breed in 1884 and adopted into the AKC twenty years later. In England the breed was not registred until another twenty years later.

Even though its past in some parts still remain a mystery nobody can deny that this small dog with the big temper remains a favorite with many. The small chihuauas nicknamed teacup chihuahuas have made history in the past and continue to do so today on movie screen, TV, commercials and in homes worldwide.

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