The Collectible Dolls From Danbury Mint

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The history of Danbury Mint dates back to 1969 when it was founded by Ralph Glendinning and Ted Stanley in Westport Connecticut. The company did not initially start with doll production and instead they were manufacturing commemorative medals. In fact, their first product was the Apollo 11 moon landing commemorative item. Since then, the company continued to create commemorative products that capture events that soon will be part of history such as the inauguration of Barack Obama’s presidency. Thus from producing collectible items such as plates, figurines, die-cast vehicles, and replicas, Danbury engaged in manufacturing dolls made of vinyl or porcelain.

One of their creations is the 16-inch posable Michelle Obama doll which is wearing a white one-sided strap chiffon gown. The doll’s material is entirely made of fine porcelain and the doll’s evening gown is a replica of what she wore during the Inaugural Ball. The doll also comes with its die-cast diamond accessories like a pair of earrings, bracelet, and ring that was patterned after the design of the famous jeweler, Loree Rodkin. The whole replica is stunningly realistic and the porcelain material makes this $149 beauty a great addition to a doll collection.

And when it comes to events, there is nothing as grand and charming as capturing a royal wedding. Thus the bride of Prince William, Kate Middleton, has been recently created with a 16-inch porcelain replica. The Princess Kate Bride Doll is one of the most elegant pieces that Danbury Mint ever created. It perfectly captured the gracefulness and sophisticated appeal of the bride. The magnificent white bridal gown that Kate wore on her wedding day last April 29, 2011 is accented with its diamond tiara and white lilies for her bouquet. The handcrafted commemorative edition is produced in limited number and each doll is individually numbered. Collectors can acquire the doll by pre-order for $159.

Nonetheless for doll collectors who are not into commemorative figures, Danbury Mint has a selection of cartoon and movie character dolls. They have a series of Peanuts doll pieces as well as other collector items such as snow globes, bracelets, desk clock, pillows, and tiles. Boyd Bears and Betty Boop are also popular characters that have their sets of collectibles. Yet the Betty Boop doll line is noteworthy due to its hundreds of designs and not to mention its jewelry, sculptures, and apparel lines. There is definitely something for every collector from Danbury Mint’s website and catalogues; and they do not exclusively just cater to doll collectors.

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