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Ole Christiansen started up the Lego company making toys for children after he lost his woodworking store through the great depression. The company produced all sorts of wood toys and yo-yos for many years till they invented their ‘auto-binding bricks’ way back in 1947. It took until 1953 for them to be developed into the little bricks that kids like to have today.

1966 was the year that the Lego system first came out. One set that’s still well-liked as we speak as back then is the Train set that let you construct different motor trains. After that Lego has sold loads of other sets with cars, people and towns, even space, that allows you to buy a single thing and build it to begin making an ultimate set. It would be very hard to search out somebody that hasn’t built a home or car or boat out of these Lego bricks. People of all ages love the new additions to the Lego product lines – sets based on motion pictures and cartoons like Toy Story, Sponge Bob, Batman and Speed Racer.

I think the most popular Lego style must be the Lego Star Wars sets. It was 1999 when Lucas and Lego made the deal and produced the first licensed Lego sets. The first set within the Star Wars range was Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Starfighter that he flew to defeat the Death Star. Lego launched more Star Wars sets based on all 6 movies plus the Clone Wars. Some other sets have been released in extremely detailed form as the Ultimate Collectors Series – set such as Darth Vader, General Grevious and a Storm Trooper. Lego has also made video games based on Star Wars Lego and Episode1 to 6 of the movies.

You can pretend you are a part of the Rebel Alliance and battle the Empire together with your Lego X-Wing. The X-Wing set has all the parts you need to construct both Red Three or Red Five Starfighter – that is Lukes or Wedges starfighter in the movies! It also includes mini-figures of the Alliance’s best heroes–Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, R2-D2, and the mighty Chewbacca. What an awesome classic Lego set that gives you everything that you need to destroy the evil Empire.

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