Sozopol, Bulgaria – What to See and Do

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Sozopol is one of the most attractive spots on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Along with Nessebar, about 60 km to the north, Sozopol offers a combination of old-style architecture, cobblestone streets lines with picturesque houses, and numerous restaurants and coffee shops. All of this is set on a relatively small area high on the rocks above the sea.

The old town of Sozopol is declared an architectural and archaeological preserve. There are facts showing that the town dates back to ancient times – the end of the 5th millennium b.c. The town was restored in 610 b.c. and was named Apolonia. It was developed as a trades and harbor center. The visitors can enjoy the cultural and historical heritage from the antiquity and the medieval times. In the old town of Sozopol, there are preserved churches, chapels, typical wooden houses, and a fort wall.

One can enjoy:

A walk in the Old town of Sozopol to see the authentic churches and small ancient chapels; an antique fortress wall which surrounds the town; numerous archaeological finds and medieval houses made out of wood and stone;

A walk to the Diunite resort near the marsh area Arkutino which has 62 hectares covered with water-lilies, irises and creeping lianas. You can also enjoy the Ropotamo River which is several kilometers south of the Arkutino area. You can ride a boat on the river and into the sea;

A walk by a panorama ship to the ‘St. Anastasia’ island, ‘St. Ivan’ island or to the mouth of the Ropotamo River;

Numerous art galleries and shops with collections of paintings, graphics, souvenirs;

Plenty of bars and cafes along the coast with beautiful views on the sea;

Many restaurants with traditional Bulgarian and local cuisine. You will love the traditional dishes of Sozopol like mussels and dried mackerels;

The children can enjoy numerous attractions including inflatable castles, drawing on plaster figures, pony riding, etc.;

Trips to Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Primorsko and Burgas.

The Apolonia arts festival, which is visited by many famous musicians, artists, actors. The festival offers the participants 10 days of music, dance, theatre performances, cinema, exhibitions, etc.;

The holidays of Neptune which are devoted to the sea;

National open-air sculptures;

Sozopol is located about 40 km south of the international airport of Bourgas.

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