Some Words About Entertainment in New York

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New York might be called the theatre capital of the USA. Only in Broadway and West 40 and 50 streets there are 38 theatres that are opened in autumn and winter. In middle 80-s there were about 200 theatres in New York except Broadway that were mostly located in Greenwich Village and Chelsea. There are also about 400 cinemas here – from huge Radio City music hall to local cinemas with small halls where elite movies and porn is demonstrated. You cannot imagine Manchester entertainment industry without hundreds of bars, cafes, night clubs and discos as well.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in the Amsterdam Venue district (between 62 and 66 Western Streets in the northern part of the Theatre district) consists of three buildings that are located around the square: Avery Fisher Hall (Philharmonic Society in past, built in 1962) where New York Philarmonic Orchestra gives its concerts, New York State Theatre (1964) – the scene for New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan-Opera (1966). Other buildings included in this complex are: Vivian Beaumont Theater, Theatre Library and the Museum of Performing Arts, the Juilliard Music School and the Tally Hall. Other first-rate concert halls are Carnegie Hall, New York City Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Located in the Central Park next to the Fifth Avenue and the 80 streets, Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts its richest collection of paintings and sculptures from all times and sides of the world. The Cloisters museum in Fort Tryon Park (northern Manhattan) occupies several buildings where collection of medieval arts from the Metropolitan Museum is kept. The Frick Collection of European arts is located at the 40-room Mr. Henry Frick mansion that is on the Fifth Avenue – 70th street corner. To find rare literature manuscripts and authors originals, go to the Pierpont Morgan Library Fund which is at the Eastern 36th street. A wide range of artistic works can also be found at the Museum of Modern Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the

Museum for African Art and many others.

The exposition of New York History Society at the Central-Park-West and the New York City museum at the Fifth Avenue (between 102 and 103 streets) present works of art and articles connected with the city history. Also, American Museum of Natural History on Central-Park-West close to the 79 street offers you to observe its huge thematic exposition. The museum complex includes Hayden Planetarium. Asia Society Gallery, China Gallery, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Jewish Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York Jazz Museum, Sea Port Museum on the South Street are also important to notice.

New York citizens are also fond of sports and the largest sports arenas here are: “Madison Square Garden”, Shea stadium in Queens and “Yankee” in Bronx. The Madison Square Garden complex includes covered sports arena, a concert hall, office skyscraper, shops and underground railway platforms.

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