Simple Apartment Decorating Ideas For Space Saving Impact

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Apartment decorating is a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Here are some easy tips that anyone can use to help maximize your apartment space and still decorate in style.

1 Use versatile furniture. A chest of drawers can serve not only as a dresser, it can double as a TV stand, bathroom cabinet, entryway table, or buffet. An ottoman with storage works as a footstool or extra seating. A tray on top makes an instant coffee table. Stow blankets or extra linens below.

2. Maximize kitchen counter space. Tastefully display dishes, cookbooks and small kitchen appliances above the kitchen cupboards. Hang a pot rack or a line of hooks close to the ceiling to organize your space-hogging pots and pans.

3. Create a designer room. Bare white walls are a trademark of new apartments and rentals. Cover up the white without the clutter of shelves and create an amazing designer space at the same time with a peel and stick wall mural.

4. Let there be light. Use track lighting and aim it at the walls to create an expansive feeling and free up floor space at the same time.

5. A sofa for all seasons. Slip covers and throw pillows create a “new” sofa. A light colored summer sofa can easily become a cozy soft suede winter sofa with a stylish slip cover.

6 Raise the Bed. Add storage space to your bedroom by propping the bed up on plastic bed risers. Conceal with a stylish dust ruffle or bed skirt.

7. Double your closet space. Add a rod to your closet and maximize the amount of hanger space available.

Use these tips to save space and make a big decorating impact on your apartment. Remember, the space may be a rental, but it’s your home. Make it yours.

write by Galvin

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