Short-Time Travel in the Amazing Florida Panhandle Beaches

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Once you have visited Florida Panhandle, you would never forget the feeling you got from it. Known as the West Florida, Florida Panhandle is a charming tourist attraction with some famous beaches which ranks top in the world resorts. Destine is famous for its soft white sands and fishing; Panama City Beach is a great place for families to have joys and fun; Beaches of South Walton has a strong cultural atmosphere…They feature in different way, but they are surely to draw you and make you at ease.

In Panama City Beach, beach and playgrounds are the main topics of life and these two kinds of fun gather in this big pleasure ground. A good place for family to travel, especially in spring and summer, Panama City Beach provides you a variety of amusements such as children’s park, go-kart track, baseball, paintball, laser shooting, maze and water parks and miniature golf course…It is going to make you dazzling with colorful and distinctive activities, on the water sports concessionary kiosks you can get a glass-bottom ship to view the underwater scene, go to deep sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, boating, surfing, and almost all the water sports you can imagine. Taking a boat trip will take you to the Shell Island where you can pick shells, tour the beach and diving.

Described as the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village, Destin is famous for its aqua waters and soft white sands. It has the largest fishing vessel fleet, and a large group of fish such as swordfishes, grouperes, mackerels, amberjacks, red snappers, Wahoo, big smoker kings, cobias, black-fin tuna, blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish growing in the deep coastal sea, thus the local large fishing vessel fleets is drawn to target the varieties of fish, and kinds of tournaments (including the fishing show throughout the October) also rush to come and fall over each other, not to mention the impressive Fishing Museum. Owing to an easy access to the profundal zone in Gulf of Mexico, fish species in Destin is more than four times compared with other resorts. In Destin, we can target numerous of fish more than any other ports in Mexico.

In Destin, you can feast your eyes on the charming underwater scenery by taking a glass-bottomed ship; you can go diving, snorkeling, sailing or watching the dolphins’ performing and many other entertainments. Along the coastal Fishing Museum, ships seems so quiet in an orderly line, though they are huge in size, it would not cost too much.

For majority of overseas visitors, Beaches of South Walton may be a strange place, while in the United States, it catches many person’s eyes. Since Jim Carey who acted the blockbuster movie The Truman Show took the scenes here for the movie, several stars had come here for house purchasing. There is a ring road about 30 kilometers around the Beaches of South Walton, which is connected to the main coast road 30-A, and was once visited by Prince Charles. Furthermore, Prince Charles had founded a British-style garden district named Poundbury in the Dorset town, and the building inspiration of it came from the design of Robert Dvis.

Nearby Beaches of South Walton, Rosemary Beach which combines some design elements from the colony of Saint Augustine, New Orleans and the West Indian style, shows its unique beauty to visitors. Rosemary Beach also offers visitors rental housing for a short-term holiday.

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