Shah Rukh Khan Presents His Film "Om Shanti Om" At The BERLINALE – Berlin Filmfest 2008

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Hours before the movie starts hundreds of fans are standing at the red carpet in front of the cinema International in Berlin. You can see them smile and you can hear them sing along songs – they are exited and cannot wait to see their favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan. He is in Berlin to present his latest movie “Om Shanti Om”. Differently to other countries like Canada, Great Britain or the USA you don’t find much people with Indian background there.

The fans here – most of them are girls or women – are from all over Europe and came only to Berlin to support Shah Rukh Khan and his film, show him how much loved he is in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and many more countries.

When he arrives on the red carpet the excitement was over the top. He takes time to greet his fans, writes autographs, posses for pictures. He even gives away some tickets to fans who do not have any and makes them unbelievable happy. Inside the cinema the audience is waiting patently for him – the vibes are positive and people are ready to have a real party while watching “Om Shanti Om” – then after an hour delay he is there. Standing ovation, screaming, huge applause and a happy smiling Shah Rukh Khan. He speaks a few words – answers with his very well known humour to a lady who screams “I love you” that they are getting married later, when he is finished with his job here. Then he promises to come back later after the movie and says that he hopes that people still like him after seeing it. The movie starts – applause and screaming again. This is how it is during the whole screening.

Most of the audience is speaking parts of the dialogues loudly with the actors and during the rhythmic songs there is clapping and loud singing. It is really amazing! The audience is celebrating ‘Om Shanti Om’ in a big way.

In the meanwhile Shah Rukh Khan goes to his fans standing outside the cinema and says “Thank You” to every single person there and shakes hands. What an outstanding artist who cares so much for his fans.

After the credits the applause and the screaming is as loud as after a rock concert.And there he is again with a huge smile and a short Q&A session started. He answers the questions with his sense of humour but also with some philosophical thoughts about acting and his work. One thing is sure – he is leaving his fans and also the media with a warm feeling in their hearts and souls. Shah Rukh Khan is a very special human being and actor that is for sure.

That he is very special he proves again on Sunday at the Hebbel-Theater. He is a guest in a lecture about “Love International” along with Maria Schrader, the German actress and director and the Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw-Nuttall – hosted by Dorothee Wenner. Since early in the morning fans are waiting outside the theatre only for Shah Rukh Khan. Unfortunately most of them don’t have tickets for the lecture. Maybe there will be return tickets? That is what everyone here hopes. Some of them are lucky and get tickets – they are in heaven. Then the black limousine arrives – and goes straight to the backstage entrance – no time for autographs and no chance to see Shah Rukh Khan. This is a big disappointment but there still is hope to see him afterwards. The lecture is over and the actor gets in the limousine at the backstage entrance – and he gets out in front of the theatre again.

“That is how we know our Shah Rukh”, many of the fans say. He goes to everyone along the barriers on Stresemanstrasse – which is closed now, people in the public bus come to the windows to see what is happening outside – and Shah Rukh Khan with a smile writes hundreds and hundreds of autographs, is hugging his fans and gives them kisses on their cheeks. An hour later he leaves with an unforgettable smile.

The fans are happy and sad at the same time – happy because he shows them so much affection and warmth and sad because he is gone now. What an amazing and unforgettable weekend in Berlin!!

write by Williamson

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