Sexy Ideas For Naughty Couples

It is almost the usual scenery and action, like watching the same porn movie over and over again. You and your partner dress in birthday suits. You touch here. You grab there. You kiss here. You lick there. Either you climb on her or she rides on you. Some moaning, panting, thrusting and follow by your snoring, leaving her eyes wide staring at the ceiling. After a while, you find that you have to coax and nudge a lot to get her to have sex with you. A rather Herculean task as if you are trying to persuade an elephant to climb a tree.

What is going wrong with your bedroom life? Can there be a way out of this? Of course you can! There is a solution! One of the easiest ways to spice up your love life is to switch places for sex.

Sex, like a movie, consists of characters, plot and location. Rather than being contented to play the role of actor and actress, you can also self-direct your love movie and make it more interesting and entertaining. If you are not going to switch or cheat on your partner, the sensible option is to change the place for sex. The following are the choices you can consider. It is up to you and your partner to decide what is best for both of you.


On the bedroom floor

Next time when you are caught in another boring lovemaking session, push your partner onto the floor when he/she least expects it. This surprise action alone may keep your relationship cemented for a few months.

What should you look out for? The floor may be cooling to your skin, consists of bare wood or rough carpeting. You will either need to have a mat or to have sex 80%-clothed to avoid your skin been hurt by the rough surface.

Living room

This is the next most convenient place out of the bedroom. This is because lovemaking on a couch is similar to lovemaking on a bed. It will serve you and your lover/partner well to learn how to make love while one of you is sitting up.


This is where you must learn to make love on the kitchen table, against the refrigerator, the oven and the sink. You have to keep clear of the cutlery, the pots, and pans and make sure you do not slip or bang against the faucet or tap.


Sex in the shower involves standing on a wet floor. The main thing to watch out for is the slippery floor. Go to the nearby hardware store to buy some handles or towel rods that can be stick firmly on the wall to give both of you added support. The most appropriate positions are variations on the standing rear entry positions. Ask her to stand leaning against the wall with legs spread out and you penetrate her from behind. Or, you get her to bend forward at her waist, her hands touching the floor, your hands on her waist and you enter her from behind.



The most popular place to make love outside the house has always been the car. Many of the lovemaking skills from the couch can be applied to the car. Finding the place to park your car can determine how wild you want sex to be. If you are those with exhibitionist tendency, you can find a spot that is private, but not too private. Or, you can drive around town to look for secluded spots. You can then become bold enough to get out of the car to make love in a park, in the woods, or maybe even in a cemetery.

Public restroom

You and your partner go to a fancy restaurant or some nice eateries and halfway through dinner, have a quickie sex in one of those clean, nice-smelling toilets. Some other places you may get clean restrooms are hotels, museums, libraries, churches, shopping malls, or even on the plane.

The beach

This place provides many opportunities for naughty outdoor sex. Many couples enjoy the pleasure and excitement of making love under a blanket, in full view of hundreds of people, including kids. Pick a secluded spot shielded by rocks and spread out a towel or blanket, if you can.

In the water

For a little more privacy, try wading into the ocean or sea. The deeper you go, the more concealed your naughty behavior. Just be careful you do not lose your swimwear. She will wrap her legs around your waist, her hands around your neck; your hands supporting her buttocks and her swimsuit bottom pull to the side for easy penetration.

In the boat

What can be more intimate and romantic than having sex in the middle of a large stretch of water out in the middle of nowhere? The feeling of being stranded on a secluded island in a boat can be a fantasy to a lot of people.


Go and look for the least popular movie in town and go to one of the cinemas that film this movie. You have to be quick because unpopular movies do not appear on the screen for long.

Empty university classroom/lecture hall

Schools and universities usually post a schedule of when each room is free and when it is in use. Just take note of an opportune time and show up.

Clothes-trying room

This is also a good location for quickie sex when suddenly both of you have this urge or desire to get naughty during one of those window-shopping trips with her.

At workplace

It is either you or her have to work late. You go to her workplace to pick her up or she comes to your workplace to meet you. Most likely the workplace should be empty. You can pick any spot you like as long as it is out of the view of those security cameras.

At someone’s place

How about having sex on some stranger’s bed at a house party hosted by your friend or common friend? Forbidden fruit tastes sweeter! Doing what you are not supposed to do with the possibility of getting away with it or getting caught can add thrill to your sex life!

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