See The Couples Halloween Costumes For 2010 Because Halloween Is Just Around The Corner

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With Halloween just round the corner, you might be busy searching for a suitable costume for yourself and your partner. There are many costumes available in the marketplace but if you are want to be unique and to put on a costume that is new, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find a number of suggestions for couples’ Halloween costumes 2010. Each one will bring you lots of attention and you will definitely have tons of great fun and enjoyment in any one of them! Have fun!

1. Mad Hatter Adult Costumes

If you are a movie addict, you will probably know by now that the “Alice In Wonderland Movie” was a great hit. Among the many characters that appeared in the movie, the Mad Hatter character is a hot favorite. That is probably the reason why there are multiple versions of the Mad Hatter costumes available in the marketplace. As such, you can have yourself and your partner dressing up in the male and female version of Mad Hatter!

When you purchase the prestige Mad Hatter adult costume for the male, you get a copy of the officially licensed Disney product which is exactly as you have seen in the movie. It comes complete with the velvet fitted jacket, hat, shirt front, pants and even the bow. All you have to do to make the picture complete is buy additional makeup or shoes and socks to fit the costumes but this is optional because you can always make use of your creativity to make yourself look outstanding at the party.

As for your partner, you can get her the sexy Mad Hatter adult costume which will make her so sexy looking that she will steal the limelight from the rest of the party goers! This is also an officially licensed costume and it is available in S, M and L sizes so you have plenty of choices. Your purchase comes with a sexy Mad Hatter style dress, petticoat, hat as well as knee thighs to make the image complete.

2. Top Gun Men’s and Women’s Flight Adult Costumes

This set of costumes is very different from the “Alice In Wonderland movie” costumes. If you are a fan of the “Top Gun” movie, you will surely love this set of couples Halloween costumes 2010. Whether you see a couple in such costumes or actually put on the costumes yourselves, you might just feel the urge to fly!

With the purchase of the Top Gun Men’s Flight adult costume, you will get an officially licensed Top Gun outfit of a green flight jumpsuit that features Air Force style patches, 2 name badges as well as sunglasses. You will look very cool in the outfit!

For your female partner, grab her the sexy women’s flight costumes and watch how eyes turn to marvel at her beauty and stunning appearance at the Halloween party! Your purchase will include a zipper front flight dress, complete with name badges and sunglasses to make her look like a real and cool Air Force flight member!

With so many couples Halloween costumes 2010 available at the costumes marketplace, your problem now is just on deciding which is the most appropriate set to buy. However, do not take too long in deciding because stock might not last forever since they are brand new costumes and will definitely be very popular this Halloween!

write by Michelle Burns

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