Scary Halloween Invitations Kick Off Your Costume Party

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The best way to set the tone for any Halloween costume party is by sending out great Halloween invitations. A careful selection of the invitation can let those you hope to come know what to expect, whether it is a family friendly “spooktacular” or a wicked night of Halloween frights. It also helps your guests know what kinds of costumes are appropriate for the event. If you are planning a Halloween party, choose Halloween invitations most fitting to your party.

Affordable Invitations

Halloween invitations do not need to be elaborate, but they should be festive. Don’t spend your entire budget before you check out all the options. There are several choices from the very affordable to the personalized options available online. Some will even show you exactly what the invite will look like with your message and party details. Even if you have what you think is a very specific theme, chances are you will find a fitting and affordable invitation. Sending Halloween postcards can not only save you money but can be used as reminders stuck on a fridge and come in just as many styles as regular invitations. The more affordable invitation selection include:

– Bulk personalized invitations

– Stationary

– Postcards

– Blank themed note cards

Choosing A Fitting Halloween Party Invitation

If you are planning a Halloween party, it is important to choose a style that is most fitting to the type of event you are planning. The invitation is the first glimpse your guests receive into what the event has to offer.

– For a scarier, more adult costume party, you could choose a creepy or ghoulish invitation or note card. The card should be a reflection of the event giving a peek into what is in store. Smiling ghosts huddled around a pumpkin eating candy may be cute, but could definitely send the wrong message if you are planning on “scaring the pants off” your guests.

– A family friendly or children’s party may be a less intense event and you would want the invitation to communicate that to your guests. If the party is moderately spooky, choose a style of invitation that reflects that it is a little scarier. If the party is for smaller kids, invitations with Halloween themes like pumpkins, spiders and bats are very popular.

– For a family friendly harvest party where costumes are optional, selecting invites centered more on fall leaves and pumpkins will set the mood.

Before you plan your next Halloween party, be sure to consider all the great themes and fun options of invitations. You will be sure to find some that are properly spooky for your monster bash.

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