Satellite TV – A Movie Enthusiast’s Dream

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Have you ever wished you could just turn on the television in order to see the latest selections of blockbuster, independent and documentary films. Sometimes finding the time to go to a movie rental spot where you pay $4 per film can be hard. Well with satellite TV you don’t have to leave the living room, because you can take advantage of the new Christmas high definition big screen television with a selection of four main premium movie channels: HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Satellite TV can instantly turn your home into a cinema paradise.

With Home Box Office or HBO you get access to America’s number one movie channel. Much like the other well known movie channel Cinemax, HBO is also a subsidiary of the media giant Time Warner. HBO has over 40 million subscribers in the United States, and its influence extends worldwide with channels and services in over 150 countries. With HBO pay service you get access to seven channels (HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, and HBO Zone) and video on demand. You can all receive all seven of these channels in HBO HD in 1080i high definition. One of the biggest advantages to the programming from HBO is their great original shows such as The Wire, Entourage, and The Ali G Show.

Another movie channel you have access to is Showtime. Not quite as popular nationwide as HBO, with Showtime you have other movie options and events outside of movies such as boxing and Mixed Martial Art matches. Owned by CBS Corporation, Showtime also has a good variety of up to eight channels with HD quality including video on demand service. The company has also reached outside of the American market with over channels such as Showtime Scandinavia, and Showtime Extreme in some European countries. Some popular shows you can watch are Weeds, The Tudors, and Californication.

If it’s pure movies you want, the Starz premium channel is a great offer. You can watch mainly first run motion pictures. This means that you won’t have to wait until the new release movies are returned at your local video rental store. You can receive them strait to your television. Much like HBO and Showtime, Starz also consists of a variety of channels with HD capabilities, and has over 17 million American subscribers. One of the perks to Starz is that if you are a Netflix subscriber you can stream movies called Starz Plays which is a video on demand service. However, unlike its other two counterparts Starz has tried to increase its original programming however it has yet to have the same success.

So maybe you’re interested in one channel or all three, in either case with satellite TV you can gain access to all of your favorite movies, shows, concerts, comedy, and other events. Your movie watching experience will increase tenfold with the available variety to go along with your visual quality. You can control the ultimate movie watching experience with the remote control at the tip of your fingers.

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