Saadiyat Island (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

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Abu Dhabi has become one of THE destinations for the 21st Century and amongst its key facets is Saadiyat Island, a 27 square mile piece of real estate that will be home to almost 150,000 people. Laying a mere 500 meters off the coast and connected to the mainland via three bridges the island boasts twelve kilometers of highways, a light rail network, pristine beaches and architecture that is unrivalled.

Saadiyat is a place to work, rest and play in a cultural environment that stands apart from any other. It can be a hub for business, a place to vacation or simply a paradise for the nature lover with all manner of birds, fish and animals. It is just five minutes’ drive from the Centre of Abu Dhabi and approximately twenty minutes from the International Airport making it a very accessible resort.

Culturally this island is a melting pot of local cuisine and culture mixed with many international flavors and can offer a huge range of attraction to suit almost every need. It has art venues galore with local museums evocative of the Guggenheim and the Louvre yet designed with a local twist to sit naturally into the landscape. For the sport enthusiast there are golf courses designed and built by Gary Player, sailing and diving in the ocean and swimming with dolphins.

Home to no less than half a dozen world class hotel resorts and enough restaurants to sate even the most hearty of appetites. Add to that the prospect of an international performing arts center where music, theater and dance from around the world can be sampled and the visitor will have much from which to choose.

Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development and Investment Company, TDIC for short, has plans to develop Saadiyat Island into seven discrete yet supportive zones, each offering a facet of life in this vibrant and bustling resort;

• The Saadiyat cultural district housing museums, art galleries and the performing arts centre all aiming to showcase the very best of modern and traditional art and culture.

• Saadiyat Beach with nine kilometers of totally natural sandy beach, a championship golf course, nine five star hotels and a range of private and public beach clubs.

• The Marina with its own waterfront hotel and restaurant area, a business district and residential apartments plus a superbly equipped marina for those who prefer to arrive afloat.

• An outstanding nature reserve that includes a championship rated tidal golf course and residential living space.

• The promenade set around family style hotels, resorts cafes and restaurants.

• The lagoons offering a ‘chance to live in luxury, low-rise apartments amid a tidal lagoon system offering a back to nature setting.

• Finally; the Saadiyat Retreat offering the visitor a ‘get-away’ solution to relax in exclusive accommodation and a range of boutique hotels.

Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Island can offer the discerning traveler much more than a resort it represents a jewel with many facets, a place to remember and to linger.

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