Recycling Fabric To Make Doll Clothing

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Put to use recycled fabrics and other materials when sewing for dolls.

Being green is all the “in” thing these days. If you grew up when I did you would be thinking more along the lines of Jim Hansen’s Kermit the Frog and talking in a silly voice. In fact the term “going green” has everything to do with doing our part to not put garbage back into the Earth, but find creative uses for things that we would otherwise toss. This is also called “recycling”. That is another word you hear frequently, but I question whether most of you have considered using it when sewing for dolls.

I want to challenge you to look creatively around your house and gather together items that you would otherwise throw away, but that will create great accessories and clothing for Dolly. Here are just a couple items I’ve put to use:

…Stretch gloves- Any singles laying about? I do too! Cut off the tips of the fingers and make mittens for Dolly. Take the finger part and stretch them out to make leg or arm warmers.

…Tube socks- I know my dryer has eaten up my husband’s socks so instead of throwing out the solitary survivor, I cut them up to work as headbands, scarves, or even hats (by cutting off closer to the heel).

…Stretched out hair bands- Great for a belt, necklace, or several bracelets.

…Handkerchiefs- A few pins or Velcro will create a stunning summer sarong or country skirt.

…Hand towels or washcloths- What about a vest to wear? Or create a beach towel or colorful blanket.

…A dusty paper bowl or cup- Recruit the help of children and use fabric, feathers, and paint left overs to adorn a swashbuckling hat for Dolly’s costume party. With Care, they can even make it into a striking accessory for her next grand celebration.

The plan is to not take up an excess amount of your time, but give you a some ideas and how they can be utilized. As you start looking around your house, I bet you will find many functional uses for items that might otherwise meet a premature end.

One last thought: Use this as a educational opportunity to sew and create with the kiddos in your home. For the littlest, glue, Velcro, or paint is appropriate and with a bit of well-placed newspaper and supervision, they are great helpers for those finishing touches. As they get older, have them cut and begin teaching them hand sewing. I have great memories of stitching buttons on old washcloths. I felt very grown up. It is not necessary to teach children to be creative. They have creativeness that will run circles around most adults. As they observe the intricate labor you put into sewing for dolls, they will increase in interest and it is an ideal training opportunity.

Utilizing articles you have around the house and finding teachable moments makes working with recycled fabrics and other materials so much fun. There is no limit to what you can make. With a some preparation on your part, you can have a child “sewing” beside as you piece together a dress on your sewing machine. Look through the scraps in your fabric collection and see what you can make out of what you might have tossed out!

write by Mildred

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