Quilting While Remembering Special Memories of Our Family’s Lives

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Quilting is a craft that many have found to be relaxing and productive. Taking pieces of fabric, laying them out in a pattern, while you create a memory of long ago. Collecting those pieces of fabric is most of the intrigue of making that one special quilt for a loved one in your family or for a close personal friend. There are so many ways to use all those pieces of fabric you have collected. You could make a quilt, a pillow, a blanket, a wall hanging, or maybe a table cloth.

I took a quilt piece that I had made in a quilting class and made it into a large pillow.  I appliqued the quilt piece to a large piece of blue fabric.  The fabric piece was the size of a large over sized pillow.  I added a ruffle to the fabric piece along with a pretty piece of lace.  I sewed the ruffle and the lace to the pillow and added a large zipper at the top of the pillow.  I used a zipper in order to add a pillow form when I finished the pillow.  I gave the pillow to my mother-in-law for Christmas.  She loved her blue pillow.  She is no longer with us, but I remember her with love and unforgettable memories. I have that pillow and use it with fondness and joy in my heart.

I have fabric pieces that I have collected from all the different fabrics that I have used while making pretty, little dresses, slacks, shorts, tops and jackets I have made for my granddaughter over the years.  I will use these pieces of material in a small quilt for my granddaughter one day.  Each piece or scrap of material brings back so many memories of the past.  I remember when I used a certain piece of material to make her a pretty dress for her to wear on Easter Sunday to church.  Or the time I made her a fleece jacket for those chilly mornings on her way to school.

One piece of material I recently pulled out of her bag brought back a rush of memories of the Christmas morning when she came down the stairs, her little face full of anticipation, and wonderment of what Santa had brought her that Christmas morning.  Her eyes were wide and glistened from the excitement and wonderment of her second Christmas.  She had on her new red dress her Nanny had made for her.  I’ll never forget that special Christmas morning.

I glanced at my grandson’s bag and pulled a piece of fleece material out.  I made him a fleece jacket one Christmas.  Little did I know that a fleece jacket would be made every year for one or more of my grandchildren.  My grandson’s first jacket would be worn until it came up to his elbows in the sleeve and up to his waist in length.  I had embroidered an elephant on the front which made it irreplaceable.  Being an Alabama football fan since birth made his jacket even more valuable.  I finally was able to make him another fleece jacket that fit him nicely including the elephant on the front. 

Each of my grandchildren will have a quilt of their own.  They will have their own bag of material filled with many favorite memories of outfits worn when they were little.  When their quilts are done I will place them in their own Memory Boxes.  I will give them their Memory Boxes when they are sixteen.

Quilting will bring all those memories back for you, too.  I wish I had started quilting when my own children were very young.  Make a quilt for your children or family member today.  A friend will love to have a special quilt filled with memories of the times you spent together.  

You will need a few things to begin quilting.  Look in your favorite fabric store in the quilting section.  Everything you will need will be in that particular area.  Purchase several good books or magazines on quilting from any of your book stores or fabric stores.  Ask for help if you are having difficulty finding the books you want to purchase.  Any salesclerk will help you find what you are looking for or that you will meed to begin work on your first quilt.  You can go on line for help, too.  Amazon.com is a good source for items you will need.  When I first began quilting I purchase material in a certain color or several prints that were all from the same color family.  I enrolled in a quilting class where I learned about the different pieces I would need to begin my quilting experience.  I learned a lot in that first class.

Don’t be afraid to start your new adventure into the quilting world.  You will be glad that you made that first step toward creating your own memories.  Remember to always have fun and enjoy yourself while making memories that will last a lifetime.

write by Agatha

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