Protecting Your Florida Real Estate During a Hurricane

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No one likes the idea of risking property damage during a hurricane. In Florida or other hurricane zone states, however, it is something one must be prepared for. Being ready for the next Katrina, Rita, or Andrew isn’t a pleasant thought, but it is vital to protect your Florida real estate, your family, and your investment when and if it were to happen to you.

Windows and Glass Doors

Protecting your windows and sliding glass doors is one of many things you can do in order to prepare for the storm. Many times, people rush out to buy plywood or tape at the last minute in order to seemingly do the right thing, but there is far more to do in case the hurricane hits. Tape will not protect your windows, and it is not enough to simply have the plywood. If you resort to using plywood to cover the windows, it’s best to use marine plywood; make sure you have the plywood cut and ready to fit before-hand, with screw holes in place before the storm. If your plywood does not securely fit over your windows or sliding glass doors, your efforts may simply be wasted. If air currents are able to slip past your plywood covers, then you may still get broken windows. If you do not wish to use plywood to cover your windows, investing in metal shutters is a better choice to help ride out the storm.

You might consider investing in impact-resistant glass for your windows. This option is pretty expensive, however, if you consider what happens if your windows get broken during a hurricane, the damage may be more costly than your investment in impact-resistant glass. When hurricane winds break windows, there are more issues at hand than broken glass flying throughout your home. The pressure caused by the winds through broken windows can be enough to remove your roof and send it hurtling into the sky, and the pressure can then cause the walls to collapse.

Have Supplies on Hand

Keep non-perishable food items, bottle water, batteries, and a first-aid kit available should you come into an emergency situation. Be prepared with blankets, extra clothing, and sturdy shoes should you have to ride out the storm in your home.

Buy a Generator

During a hurricane, many utility lines get damaged; electricity is sometimes the last utility to come back on. Having a generator on hand will be vital especially in times of need for cooking, cooling your home, and other daily activities.

Keep a Weather Radio Close

When a hurricane watch is posted, it will be in your best interest to keep on top of the weather news. Staying tuned to advisories may mean the difference between life and death in a time where you might need to evacuate the premises.

Keep Tools Handy

If you need a ladder to put those plywood window covers up, it will not be a good idea to have to run next door to the neighbor’s house to borrow one. If you are trying to screw your metal shutters closed, and do not have your screwdriver close at hand, running around search for one isn’t going to help you save time.

Remove Dead Trees or Keep Trees Trimmed

Keeping possible hazards like weak tree limbs from damaging your home will be important during a hurricane. Many times, it is the flying debris during a storm that can do the most property damage. By removing these hazards, you’ll have a better chance at avoiding some costly repairs.

Be Prepared to Evacuate

If in the event you will have to evacuate your home during a hurricane, you will need to have a plan of action. Know where family members will be, how to get out of town when necessary and where to go, how early to leave (possibly avoiding traffic jams), and how to get in contact with each other should you become separated. If you have things you need on a daily basis, have a bag ready to go with these items. Make sure to include emergency information such as doctor’s contacts, medications and medication information, insurance policies, baby formula and diapers, or any other thing you may need in case of an emergency. Make sure small children know their home phone numbers and addresses, and can give vital information to relief workers or law enforcement officials, or are equipped with their parents’ contact information in other ways, such as on an id bracelet.

Having your Florida real estate prepared for the worst of the season’s storms can save you time, money, energy, and possible heartache during a time of emergency. Ultimately, planning for a disaster can help you avoid one entirely.

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