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There are a number of ways to prevent and treat premature ejaculation without having to worry about expensive creams, pills or treatments. These methods, in addition to being quite a bit more fun than a trip to the doctor’s office, are beneficial to anyone looking to maximize their time in bed, and to last much longer.

Get loud- One of the best ways to last longer in bed, is also one way that makes women more excited about sex. Be loud. If you feel like moaning, moan, if you feel like growling- growl. Completely let go of yourself- and you’d be surprised to find that this often has a positive impact on how long you last. Because most men feel compelled to remain completely in control- they often end up losing control in the one are they don’t want to- resulting in premature ejaculation.

Because during sex, we naturally begin to breathe more deeply, we also relax more- however, when you try to remain so in control, you don’t deep breathe, you don’t make much noise- you lose control where it counts. Allow yourself to have a great time, you will not regret you did.

Another thing? Take your time- though yes, of course most advice in order to last longer is going to highly sing the praises of foreplay- it’s for good reason. Women typically like sex that is longer lasting, yes- but they see sex in a very different way than men often do. Women feel that from start to finish, the whole encounter is meaningful and pleasurable- so, even when you’re still in the movie theater nibbling on her earlobe, as far as she’s concerned, it’s game on. You may not think so, but she does- and, as such, the extra time spent massaging, licking, sucking and playing adds up to the overall sex time- but, there’s more.

Foreplay actually does have a positive impact on men lasting longer when in actual sex. The reason for this is simple. As foreplay progresses, women tend to get very into it- they’ll let you know how pleasurable it is, they’ll relax and let their guard down more. You’re doing the same, whether you realize it or not- but also because you’re seeing the result of your efforts right in front of you, you begin to be a lot more confident. If you want to make sex last longer- don’t make sex all about the penis-in-vagina shuffle. It really isn’t, and, your body knows it isn’t.

As you experiment with different ways of pleasuring each-other during foreplay, you also relax, you also begin to have more fun with it, and the pressure starts to subside- these are all very powerful advantages and will have a positive impact on curing premature ejaculation. You will find that the more fun you have with the sex act, and the more you just allow yourself to have a good time without focusing on that end goal- the better off you’ll be and the longer you’ll last.

write by Adonis

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