Poseidon – Ship Sank, Movie Didn’t – If You’re a Real Disaster Fan

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Being a fan of the original movie, The Poseidon Adventure, and Irwin Allen disaster movies (well, most any disaster flick, actually), I wanted to see Poseidon very much. And being a big Kurt Russell fan made it even more of a “must see” for me. 

I’d heard the “professional” reviewers and critics make their comparisons, pick at the movie and make their “educated” and highly paid opinions known. I ignored them, as usual, and wanted to be my own reviewer. 

Because of circumstances, I wasn’t able to go to the theater to watch it (drats!) so impatiently waited for it to come to DVD. I started hunting on eBay immediately and found a great deal, so I bought it sight unseen. 

I am very glad I did! Poseidon is a fun, action-packed “old cinema meets new” escapist film. The special effects, the larger-than-life actions, and even some good old-fashioned heroes, made this a fun film for those of us who like to watch movies for the fantasy, fun and “not real life” quality! 

I enjoyed Poseidon thoroughly. I didn’t compare it with the first Poseidon movie (and hope you don’t, since the only similarity is the ship going upside down!). And I don’t care whether the story was well-rounded or not, if characters were under-developed or overdone, if the lighting was fake, that the water was bigger than life…I don’t care what the critics said or how they picked it apart. I enjoyed the action, the fantasy, the fun, the escapism, the popcorn-munching-high-volume-sitting-in-the-dark-forgetting-the-real-world quality of watching Poseidon…in other words, it was a delight to become absorbed in a fun film like I did when I was younger and a movie could enthrall, thrill and delight me. When a movie ticket was a big deal and worth the money! 

For anyone who enjoys non-stop action, fun characters, good actors, big special effects and wants to watch a modern disaster film with an old-fashioned disaster epic feel, check out Poseidon! I’ll be keeping my copy and watching it many more times! 

write by Jonathan

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