Portable Computers – A Much Better Solution To A Personal Computer Tower?

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When it comes to computing these days many people are now opting for some form of portable computer either as a secondary device, or now more and more often as their main computing device.

Yes, many people are now opting for a laptop for use at home rather than the traditional tower Personal Computer (PC). This has in the main stemmed from the fact that most broadband providers now offer a wireless router as standard, or certainly as a low cost option. This has meant that people are no longer restricted to having to have their PC in a dark and cluttered spare room, which is not really an ideal atmosphere to either work in or play computer games.

However, with a wireless network you can now site a PC anywhere in your house. Yet many people given the option would not want to have a large PC in their living room and so are buying some form of portable computer such as a laptop instead.

I refer to it as portable computing as you are no longer restricted to just a laptop PC, as you can now buy net book computers that are small enough to fit in a suit pocket or handbag and take to work with you. Laptops tend to feature nearly full size keyboards, whilst net books feature much smaller keyboards and are not ideally suited to touch typing, and hence are more suitable for sending emails than they are for writing a document on. They also feature reduced functionality versions of popular software such as MS word and excel.

However both laptops and net books in general just feature Wi-Fi connectivity, or a normal hard wired network connection facility as well. This means that when you are away from home you can only use them in a Wi-Fi hotspot, which does place limitations on them.

So one alternative to this is a tablet PC, which you can now buy complete with 3G connectivity, which means by taking out a mobile phone contract, this enables the tablet PC to operate over a mobile network from anywhere in the World with 3G coverage.

Tablet PC’s in general do not have a keyboard but have a touch screen display instead, this enables icons to be double clicked on with your finger to open applications, such as word and excel documents, as well as the more common tablet PC applications such as movie and music players, as well as very clever web surfing applications.

So when it comes to portable computers you now have a wide range of options.

write by Dermot

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