Planning an Angry Birds Party – What Games to Play!

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Angry Birds has transformed from a simple iTunes game into one of the biggest video games of the past decade. The popularity can be attributed to the easy game play, fun action, challenging levels and the variety in the game.

Since Angry Birds has been such a popular video game many different merchandise opportunities have sprung up. You can now purchase merchandise such as blankets, pillows, etc… You can even purchase an iPod that is the shape of a pig! This has increased the popularity and attraction to the game even further and has led to kids even asking for Angry Birds themed parties!

If your child has asked for an Angry Bird themed party you are in luck as there is plenty of merchandise, fun games and items to include in your party. This article attempts to get your party planning off the ground.

Your games can range from something as simple as a golden egg relay. This is where you have the kids holding an egg on a spoon (you can use a form if the spoon is not challenging enough). They must race from line of children to a chair out about 30 feet, go around the chair and back to the line. There they must pass the spoon and egg (without touching the egg) to the next person. The team that finishes first.

A more complex game would be “Pop the Pig Balloons” which is similar to the video game but without the birds. Divide the kids into two teams and pass out to each team a set of three balloons, to represent the pigs, and stacking blocks. The blocks could be lego, wooden blocks or some other stacking toy. Each team must blow up the balloons and create a structure to ‘protect’ the pigs. After a set time (5-15 minutes) have each team throw bean bags, one at a time, at the other teams structure. Once a balloon is sufficiently knocked over that balloon is finished. To be sufficiently knocked over it must roll completely around. You could try to have the balloons popped in this game but it is very difficult without using sharp objects which may be too dangerous for your guests.

The final game to consider would be an Angry Birds video game battle. If you have a few different devices which have Angry Birds you can hold a small little tournament to see who can receive the most points on a certain set of levels. It is important to use points as the measure and not pigs or stars as you can have a tie in that situation. Ensure that you have 1 device between two people so that everyone remains honest and don’t cheat. This might sound like a complicated game idea but the kids love having a chance to play the game and compete against their friends!

Remember, that the party must revolve around the Angry Birds theme. If at all possible have the invitations, decorations, birthday cake and party favours related to the theme. Be sure to include all the different types of birds and pigs in your party. Finally, the most important thing is to have fun, that’s what the game is all about!

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