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Pay Per View as we all know is a cable television service in which customer can order access to a particular broadcast for a fee. It offers a variety of choices like sporting events which is very suggestive ranging from professional boxing to World Wrestling Entertainment.

If you love to watch movies, Pay Per View gives you choices of new releases of Hollywood movies. They are usually available after they hit the local video stores and rentals. You don’t have to leave home whenever you want to see your most awaited show. It is just button clicks away and can never run out of stock for you to order.

In the past, Pay Per View has to be ordered by phone but now there is a digital cable where you just have to push buttons on your remote control. There is a rapid increase of subscribers if there are big events such as boxing, because fans need not to fall in line and buy tickets but are always in the front row together with their families and friends.

Not long ago, when my friends and I were a little crazy about boxing, we used to alternate as host to subscribe to Pay Per View. Not only the fee was reduced per person, but there was a lot of fun in cheering your favorite boxer. And of course there were a lot of friendly betting going on. Those were the days of the famous fights like Duran-Leonard, Leonard-Haggler, and Leonard-Hearns. I really missed those fun times.

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