Palm Springs Real Estate: Get On Board Before the Market Leaves You Behind

OK, the market may not be skyrocketing yet. But it is definitely moving forward in select areas. And the more desirable the area is, the more it is climbing. The bottom of the market seems to have passed by about 6 months ago. We’re seeing modest gains in some areas: South Palm Desert near El Paseo, Indian Palms Country Club in Indio, and better homes and condos in Palm Springs. Most movement has been under $300,000, with a sharp focus on under $100,000. So depending upon what your heart desires, you either need to take a look before the shuttle hits the stratosphere or take a look at what’s still waiting in the queue. There’s still some utterly fantastic deals waiting to be found but the market isn’t waiting!

For instance, back in the Fall of 2010, the Indian Palms Country Club in Indio would have really nice 1000 sq. ft. greenbelt condo’s for around $80,000. But shortly after the first of the year all of those were gone and the same condo’s now sell for in the $100k’s. And these are nice condo’s, with great community pools in a real golf course country club with a clubhouse, restaurant and gym; everything you need to make your desert stay enjoyable.

Another place I consider a great value, but I’ve seen all of its inventory disappear, are the Desert Village condos near Bob Hope drive and the Veldt, in Rancho Mirage. This is a quaint tennis condo development with one of – if not the – best locations in the desert for a city lifestyle community. It sits directly across the street from The River, the number one spot for entertainment in the desert because of its superior congestion of movie theater, bookstore, Starbucks, restaurants, and more. These condos sold in the mid to high $100k’s, with an occasional one hitting the low $200k’s/ now there are none on the market.

The are still deals to be found in the Palm Springs area. But the longer you wait the more spotty those deals are going to become. My wife mentioned to me the other day, “I’m glad to be selling Real Estate in this market, at least there’s inventory to be found.” She remembers how at the height of the market a client would want a certain thing, condo, or development and all too often she’d have to them, “I’m sorry there’s nothing for sale there.”

Get involved now, buy now, and take advantage of the market. We won’t always have the pickings this good.

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