Oppo BDP-83

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The sleek Oppo BDP-83 is the winner when it comes to Blu-ray players  It runs neck in neck with the Sony PS3 in terms of speed, it plays Blu-ray discs with snappy sharpness, it offers state of the art up-conversion of DVDs. 

The BDP-83 is the front runner solution when you look at it’s list price-$499 offered at Amazon, making it a steal when you consider how many tasks the BDP-83 performs.   The BPP-83 does the job of many players only better.  Read Oppo’s specification on the BDP-83 and see why other people are raving about!  The Oppo BDP-83 truly is THE Blu-ray player, and it’s about to become the bench mark in media players for most movie and music lovers affectionados.   The BDP-83 even plays DVD-A and SACD discs.

If you are thinking of purchasing an Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray disc player, but are pondering about where you are going fit  another electronic gadget  don’t give it another thought!.  With the Oppo BDP-83 you can clean house of all your old players since the BDP-83 is an all in one player.

Why bother with an all in one player?   Having a BDP-83 in your entertainment room is like having the all in one kitchen appliance for all cooking needs.  This player will do everything for your electronic entertainment needs.   If you are using a separate player for your Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, SACDs, and DVD-Audio discs, use the OPPO BDP-83 player and get rid of all the other players. You can burn videos, music, or photo store a CD or copy them to a USB flash drive directly from your computer and the BDP-83 will play them like in the same crisp, pristine, format.

The BDP-83 has a unique high quality direct  stereo audio output. Conversion of PAL discs to NTSC for playing on non PAL TVs is done. The Oppo can also zoom in on the picture at different levels. It can output these audio formats digitally or by analog. Software updates are handled through the Ethernet connection to the web. Updates on USB memory can also be used.  You also have the option of burning the updates to disc and then loading them to the BDP83.

At a fraction of  the price of the Denon model with similar features, can the BDP-83 compete with the high end of the market?  At the same time, does its mid-level price really provide a discernible improvement over less expensive options from bigger brand names?  The answer is yes to both questions. 

The  BDP-83 Blu-ray player is an incredible player primarily because it is a universal Blu-ray player. It basically does it all. The foreign companies have taken American derived technology and are running with it, producing equipment like the OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray disc player that would put most of the American products to shame and for a price hard to beat.

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