No New Michael Myers Mask for Rob Zombie Halloween Fans

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Rob Zombie has created a new twist on the Carpenter classic movie “Halloween.” The story is, according to Zombie, a combination of prequel and remake. Characters, circumstances and effects have been updated to thrill a whole new audience – and to revive the Halloween pleasure for fans of the first 25 years of Michael.

One of the changes already obvious to fans is the new Michael Myers mask. More gruesome than the original, classic mask which was painted a basic white, Zombie’s Michael is what they call in the industry “distressed.” So far, Halloween costume manufacturers have not licensed a new Myers mask.

Where will those who want to dress as the new Michael Myers find a Zombie-style Myers mask? There are several other versions of the shape’s mask available, including a light-up Michael Myers mask that will also fit kids – but nothing with the scars that the new Michael mask has weathered.

“Michael Myers masks are always popular, but not always easy to find,” said Everett Schulze of “They sell out quickly, especially when they look really good. I haven’t seen anything like Rob’s [Zombie] on the market, but have heard that there may be some individual pieces floating around for serious collectors.”

Schulze declined to say where they might be “floating,” but it is likely that if you search for ‘Zombie Michael Myers mask’ or some similar search terms you might find them soon yourself. Movie productions sometimes sell their original molds, allowing individual artists to make reproductions similar to the original. Sculptors even take it upon themselves to re-create characters and make their own versions of popular characters. Either way, it is likely that Michael will be haunting the internet soon. Good hunting.

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