New Zealand – One of the Top 10 Countries to Retire to For the Rest of Your Life

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If you are looking for a quiet and semi-distant place but would still allow you to keep in touch with your family, friends and the rest of the world, then you should consider retiring in the island country called New Zealand. Many consider it the best country to retire.

In this 103,738 sq mi country, located at the southwestern side of the Pacific Ocean, there is a sense of isolation and at the same time connection through the modern telecommunication facilities, computer Internet and cable television.

But unlike in the movie Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, who had to create an imaginary friend “Mr. Wilson” the ball just to have a companion, this type of isolation could be experienced in a good way.

Unlike in your “previous life” wherein you are always conscious about the time and your stress-level goes a few notches up because of the work, family and life’s other pressures, here at New Zealand, once you reach retirement, there is a feeling of peace and tranquility.

This, as you would soon realize, could become the perfect getaway. You could getaway from all your life’s troubles and worries and start a new life.

Since this is an English-speaking country, communicating with the locals would not be a problem.

There is no rush to wake up early in the morning because its slightly cold climate would want you to snuggle up in bed with a love one for a few more minutes.

And why not! I think you are entitled to longer hours of sleep, after all you have worked hard for many years and now that you have retired from work you can enjoy an indefinite vacation. Gone are the days when you start your mornings with the ringing of an alarm clock, now the sound of the chirping of the birds would wake you from your deep slumber.

New Zealand is a place with so many interests. It is a country showcasing nature’s beauty that should be explored either by hiking or even just walking.

It is currently promoting, as part of its tourism program, “The Nine Great Walks” wherein visiting tourists or the foreign pensioners. Everyone could enjoy the beautiful scenery all at your own pace.

“The Nine Great Walks” include the Heaphy Track that enters a forest; see the beaches and the rock formations at the Abel Tasman Coastal Track; the Lake Waikaremoana Track would lead you to a rain forest; ride a kayak or canoe through Whanganui Journey; and at Rakiura Track they could journey through land which has been preserved for thousands of years.

write by Arianne

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