Music to the Soul: Once on Broadway

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As far as Broadway and the performing arts are concerned, there is no stage play that’s yet produced where all the characters play their own musical instruments — until light was cast on the Broadway musical Once. The play has already garnered eight prestigious recognitions in the 2012 Tony Awards. One of their awards includes Best Musical, which is the ultimate honor ever given to a stage musical. Once is not just your average romantic escape; it will captivate its audience right on the very first note and will make them hungry for more.

Haunting Love Songs

The play has a captivating plot which revolves on chasing your dreams and how music can connect everyone, even strangers, in this big world. This timeless stage musical is inspired by a book written by Enda Walsh and directed by John Tiffany. Theater musical veterans Cristin Milioti and Steve Kazee star in the lead roles of the play.

Once tells the story of Dublin-borne musician, Guy, who thought he owns his life and knows how to deal with whatever life hurls on his way. But when his ex-girlfriend left him for someone else, he thought that everything’s over for him. And then he meets Girl, who then becomes a good friend. Both Guy and Girl are musicians and they then form a band, with a banker as their third member. With the passing of time, Guy realizes that he’s actually falling in love with Girl and she reciprocates the feeling by telling him that she loves him too. The glitch is that she told her mutual feelings for Guy in her native Czech, which he didn’t seem to understand.

Music and Melodrama

Out of the blue, Girl’s ex-husband gets in the picture, begging her for forgiveness and reconciliation. Even if the plot is placed on the present time, it is fascinating to hear about the story of unrequited love because of social responsibilities hanging by a thread. Although it’s sad that the lovers will never be together in the end, it is quire refreshing that the play never takes up adultery or deceit as one of their twists. The characters for the play are carefully chosen so that the audience will definitely think that, at first glance, they are perfect for each other. Adding up music into the dramatic ensemble, everything’s just perfect for a red carpet performance.

Back in 2006, the play was actually made into a film with the same title. But fans of the film will never worry as the stage play will have the same sensational appeal of the motion picture. The musical will be following the same plot but it will be another unique production that theatergoers will surely love. The stage musical will be a sure win for spectators who love a good romantic play once in a while. Some of those who had the opportunity to see the play before its premier say that some of the most unforgettable scenes are those when the songs were performed live by the actors.

write by Shanley

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