Movie Review of the Day – "Hole in One" – 2010 – Steve Talley

Movie of the Day: Hole in One” staring Steve Talley. Seriously waste of time as the thought would be at least a funny golf movie. Ha ha. There’s your 2 laughs!!

Length: 1:35:56

Viewing Date: 09-20-2010

Rating: 3.00 (not even funny, movie quality was blah, storyline incredibly unbelievable)

Movie Review: My words of wisdom on this one is leave it on the video shelf because if you wasted your dime going to a theatre I feel for you. It was tough enough to get through the long drawn out comedy, should have known Golf and Comedy, unless it was a Tiger Woods satire, jumping on the Tiger Woods shinanigans over last 12 months, I am sure that was the marketing ploy.

Movie is about ace golfer Eric who is senior in high school hustling most golfers in the local Golf Course, whose Caddy buddy calls him to alert him of the suckers willing to bet. Even the act of being “played” or hustled wasn’t even performed right. Two doctors who hustle him into the most ridiculous outcome expected, but I will say I have never heard of a better way of getting somebody to pay back a Bet.

I won’t ruin the dramatics but outcome was as usual expected and didn’t even crack one laugh other than the chinese guy ( Now he was funny). However, other than watching it to see a few “topless” scenes (I am sure just for Marketing promotions… couldn’t figure any other scenes to show with their 2 minute previews). Nothing else was anything more than a 2 or 3 on my review scale. Stay away is the real deal. 2 Thumbs down is my opinion on this one.

Like I say barely enough words to give a review without feeling like I am just wasting more time writing about “nothing”. Till tomorrow I will search out a good new title (hopefully….see that’s the thing about Hollywood and movies in general….its like a box of assorted chocolate that until you bite into it….you never really know what it is or how it will taste and make you feel… but funny enough I ranked it 3.0 and went to IMDB site and its at a 3.2, maybe I should start to look at a review before I watch a movie and do a review!!! Unfortunately thats not my style a true movie buff watches everything themselves and makes up their own mind. That is why we call it “Our Opinion”.)

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